Turn: An armed and dangerous lunatic who threatened several people with his rifle was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

The 39-year-old man, armed with teeth, who was arrested by Gendarmes after hitting his ex-wife in Graulheat on April 17 and threatening several people with a gun at Lacruz, appeared in Castres’ criminal court this Monday, May 23. The lunatic, a former soldier, was sentenced to 22 months in prison. The context of the war in Ukraine will be one of the reasons for this.

The case required a genuine search to lead the police in managing the lacrosse and castresses from Growlheit to Asilon, including the GIGN team in Toulouse and a canine team in Cahores. The Sparrowhawk plan was triggered and a helicopter from Toulouse Gendarmerie was also deployed.

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Turn: A manhunt to capture an armed and dangerous lunatic

As a reminder, on Monday night, Sunday 17th to 18th April, the Gendarmes of Growlheit broke into the home of a woman who feared that his ex-wife had entered his home in his absence while his 12-year-old children were alone, 14 and 17. At the scene, soldiers searched the house, not finding the person hiding behind a door. Once Gendarmes left, the man, who had not yet confessed to the divorce, attacked his ex-partner, accusing him of spending the evening with another man. Before fleeing in the car, he was pushed, hit in the head and strangled.

He threatened 17 people with lacrosse and used his weapon

Investigators contacted by telephone that the former soldier had told him he had a firearm and had no intention of surrendering. Gendarmerie’s surveillance and intervention was strengthened by the platoon’s (PCG) troops, and the Geraulheim Gendarmes could not locate the man despite an organized search until dawn. But, in the middle, around 10:30 in the morning, the madman will talk about him again. When he learns that his ex-partner and his three children are at a lacrosse village home to take part in a video game tournament, he goes there and threatens the 17 people present with a gun whom he uses as a retriever against the front. Before the flight resumed, the building’s “it was a way to express my anger,” said the defendant, who was eventually arrested near Asilon Cemetery and immediately taken into custody.

A search of his vehicle turned up two rifles, several bladed weapons, a number of cartridges and surveillance equipment. At the time of the incident, the ex-soldier was wearing a bulletproof vest, which he bought on the Internet a few weeks ago, “to go to Ukraine to help people. Not to fight, but for humanitarian reasons,” he said. Explained in the bar.

“Very heavy marital problems and the Ukrainian context was the trigger. It revived something, her past caught up with her.”

A veteran, jealous and possessive, according to his pre-trial medical expertise, he still suffers from post-conflict disorders associated with the military after serving in Afghanistan. And since 2018, the person concerned has already appeared in the criminal court 6 times, especially in the transportation of weapons and theft. “He is a time bomb with a real possibility of murder. The news from Ukraine has awakened his war trauma,” the prosecutor announced before requesting a three-year probationary period, including 18 months in prison.

“Very serious marital problems and the Ukrainian context was the trigger. It revived some, his past caught up with him. He is a man who has his monsters, he was a victim of war that should not be underestimated”, pleaded by the defendant. Lawyer.

Following the negotiations, the lunatic was sentenced to 3 years in prison, with 18 months probation suspended. Also, the court confirmed the sentence of two suspended sentences announced in the previous case, bringing the final sentence to 30 months imprisonment.

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