Evidence The day I found out that the man who shared my life was married

Love blinds you This proverb, seemingly simple, is actually based on a real scientific demonstration. When we fall in love, the hormones that attack our brain disrupt our intelligence and our common sense. If this chemical reaction can hide the minor flaws of a loved one, it can hide much more confusion … Audrey * has learned this hard.

The young woman was just 18 years old when she met the man she believed to be the man of her life. Very quickly, the relationship turns into a nightmare and Audrey finds out that her beloved and tender one has married another. For PlanetHe agrees to reveal his story, which is littered with betrayals and lies.

In 2018, Audrey comes out of a two year long romantic relationship. She decides to change her life completely, she is not happy in her studies or in the city where she lives. “I need a change. I gave up what I was doing hoping to get somewhere else and find a life that would be more suitable for me. During this time, I was often on social networks for personal projects, “she says.

He then discusses with a number of professionals in the art world, including Gabriel *, with whom the tide immediately flows. “The discussion with him was very fluid. We didn’t just talk about art, he was very interested in me, in my interests, in my life,” Audrey continued. Through messages, Gabrielle and he make feelings for each other. Problem: 600 kilometers separates them.

Pure opportunity or fate? Shortly afterwards, Audrey gets a call for a job in the town where Gabriel lives. She decides to try her luck, and a few months later, the two lovers decide to reunite. “He introduced me to his friends, he explained his work to me, showed me around town and above all he talked to me as if I was the best thing that ever happened to him,” he recalls. “I really felt like I was living in a dream … but the relationship quickly turned into a nightmare.”The young woman sighed.

An invention on his partner’s computer

The descent to hell begins when Gabriel offers Audrey to go with him. “I was shocked. I never lived with anyone and I had no idea what I was going to do or how I was going to respond to him. Actually, no“The young woman admits.

Chose his partner A very expensive apartment And no longer began to work, so Audrey found herself in a bind. He had to pay the rent and other charges alone, or almost, which quickly created tension between the couple. “He showed a very influential side, he wanted to choose everything, even my job. I felt suffocated but I was 18 and I really loved him (…) at the end of a year I got tired of the relationship, but I had no one in the south but him“, Says Audrey.

“I told myself I had to see …”

One day, Audrey’s old computer failed him while he was working. He then sends a message to Gabriel, with friends, to find out if he can borrow her. “It was a simple formality, I didn’t see why he would refuse, but he told me not to touch his computer. I thought it was weird, so I told myself I had to see … “, he recalls. What a surprise …

“I start scrolling through the photos until I get to where the bride and groom are going with the ring.”

Alone at home, Audrey turns on her partner’s computer and types in her date of birth, which she uses as a “everything for” password. Right in the middle of the homepage, a folder named “MARRIAGE”. “I clicked thinking it might be the wedding of a family member or an acquaintance. I scrolled through the pictures (…) until I could see where the bride and groom wore their rings … Finally, the bride and my boyfriend“, He explains.

Audrey’s blood is just flowing. When his partner returns, he puts her in front of the information and asks her for an explanation. Annoyed that she was buzzing in her luggage, Gabriel refuses to give her any further details. It took several days for the married man to agree to tell the truth.

After the betrayal, forgiveness

They were married a year before we met. And they parted soon after. He had no feelings for her anymore, could not see her anymore and did not want to communicate. He told me that he loved me and he did not talk to me about this part of his life because he knew that marriage was an important thing for me and it would probably force me to back down in my relationship with him “, the young woman explained.

After a few weeks of isolating myself, Audrey decides to forgive. Another year passed, and the argument continued. Worse, he provokes his partner’s “violent explosion.” “However, the history of her marriage was behind us, at least I believed it”, she underlined …

New apartment, new start?

Audrey and Gabriel needed to change the scene, Breathe new life into their relationship. Things seem to be finally working out between the two lovebirds when they change apartments. “Then he went on vacation with his friends for a few days. Since we have just entered, I have decided to take care of the administrative system. He always wanted to do it and didn’t let me do it, but he wasn’t around and I was about 20, so it was time to do it.“, Recalls the young woman.

An error in the administrative declaration

She began by submitting a request to the Family Allowance Fund to apply for personalized housing assistance. “Quickly, I received an email from the CAF informing meAn error in my statementAudrey explains. He then decides to call the administration and falls too high to hear the answer to his conversation.

“He explained to me that I could not declare myself to be with someone who already has a file, a file is still active. He married another woman. I made quick connections, ”he continued.

Under the influence of this man, Audrey does not find the strength to leave him. When she meets him for the second time, he assures her that everything is over, the marriage is broken even though the divorce has not been recorded. Fortunately for her, the young woman finds support from her family and friends that will allow her to get out of this relationship …

“It’s a wonderful revenge for what I felt.”

I know he cheated on me a few times (…) I talked about it with my family and my friends and they forced me to leave it. After two years with a nervous, influential and above all lying man, I finally left. A few days later, he appeared in the arms of another girl I had never seen, as if I had never counted “, sighed Audrey.

Today, the young woman is about to marry someone else, who has now shared her life for three years. “In a way, it’s a great revenge on what I’ve done before.”She smiles.

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