Guests believe the joke when they see her wedding dress …

When we think of a wedding, we very quickly imagine a beautiful sunny afternoon, a future husband wearing his Sunday best, and a bride wearing a nice white wedding dress. But times change, so does fashion! Today, marriage is becoming more personal, and less common. Look at your eyes, not everything is very tasteful! Objeko team tells you more in this article. Maybe you will find inspiration for your own wedding?

Wedding dresses are developed, too

Oh, the wedding dress! It is certainly the most symbolic accessory of this sacred moment. For most people around the world, marriage is the happiest time of their lives. This is the ultimate proof of love that two people can give to each other. It is also an unbroken bond between two families. After all, of course divorce is infallible without incident.

Marriage for love and civic marriage, however, are two fairly recent concepts. Indeed, the reunification of two families and the social upheaval that often took precedence over love. Moreover, marriages were often held in the name of religion. Recently, civil marriage and religious marriage are completely different. The bride and groom often have two separate occasions.

For such an important day in the life of two persons, modest dress is expected. Thus, wedding dress is one of the most important rituals in all cultures. Around the world, the bride’s attire is much more codified than the groom’s attire. This gorgeous ornament makes everyone dream. It’s all about sophistication. In our region, wedding dresses are traditionally white, and relatively cool. However, this is about to change.

This completely insane wedding dress!

We are now in 2022, and social conventions have been in full swing for several years. And this influenced the traditional white wedding dress! The Western world, such as Europe, North America and Oceania, is a complete reflection of identity, gender, patriarchy and all kinds of traditions. The younger generation is reclaiming all social codes, rejecting old-fashioned ones and modeling a new society in their own image.

Thus, white wedding dress represents a time when women were not liberated. And they rebel, even on the best day of their lives! You can almost always think of a joke, seen from the outside. The fact is that marriage is no longer a norm, but an exception and at the same time much more personalized.

A punk wedding dress

Doing pump business for Doc Martens, Converse or even beach sandals is becoming quite common! As for the wedding dress itself, all colors and all sizes are allowed! Away from sacred places, these costumes are more festive, more creative, more personalized. We were even able to take part in themed weddings. We especially think of this Shrek-themed wedding, where the bride and groom even paint their bodies green! More than ever, if you plan to get married, don’t hesitate to be radical!

A rather recent tradition

For Western Europe and the West, white wedding dresses are a tradition that is relatively recent. However, we can go back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome, where brides already wore a codified, white dress. White has represented purity for thousands of years.

However, it wasn’t really a wedding dress. In the Middle Ages, the custom was to wear your best clothes. The first evidence of a white robe is Mary Stuart, during her marriage to Francois II in 1558. Of course, at that time, there was a big difference between royal marriage and lower class marriage.

Over the next century, wedding dresses have come in all colors and even black! Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840, however, marks a historic turning point in this fashion. White becomes the default color of any wedding dress. This tradition is so relatively recent! And, as we have just seen, this tradition is already outdated. However, fashion changes and comes back in circles. So soon we will see a return to the traditional white dress!

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