Hatch Kids: The goal of a school for children is to create future metavers

Camp K12 (Start up sSpecialization in educational technology) aims to train the next generation to create the universe in augmented or virtual reality. At a time when sectors are investing Metaverse, Nike With Nike Land, McDonald’s Which wants to open its restaurant MetaverseAs the military begins, it seems that every sector wants to participate, in which we have an interest: education.

Hatch Kids A school Metaverse Designed to train 5-18 year olds to create content AR/VR, Paving the way for a next generation of manufacturers. While we’re excited about training emerging developers, The minimum age requirement seems a bit exaggerated to us. A 5-year-old child will not have the cognitive ability to create Maps As well as a loop Gameplay Tough, at least alone. He must be with an adult throughout the process, thus not allowing him to gain autonomy. Being autonomous and “learning to learn” is the foundation of any self-respecting programming. The risk of such an approach is making the child dependent on the adult for doing such work, the idea of ​​permanent help and sometimes not asking for help, which cannot be avoided. A specific age (about 9 years old).

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Hatch Kids So allow young students, through a program called Hatch XR, To access the design tool. Design, Code and Play: There are 3 component columns of the program. Importantly, the baby does not There is no need to learn code line master To interact with screen elements: Everything is done using visual programming (E.g. Scratch) In other words, you combine blocks to perform this or that action in your environment.

The child is not left in the forest, Video and interactive tutorials (in English) allow him to adapt to the various tools available to him. The Kids Can distribute their projects via a simple QR code to flash And create an account so that their games are automatically saved Clouds. In the end, Older people can use the school with computer park Hatch XR Without the slightest concern, technology (Open XR) Not too greedy, as it was designed to work on smartphones and VR headsets.

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If visual programming has a long history, it is often associated with animation, robotic programming, or even the creation of 2D video games. The truth is that our favorite blonde, dark or red head can The first to design a 3D world using programming blocks ! It can appeal to anyone who associates 2D with something old and dusty and who wants to emulate the 3D world, as they are accustomed to exploring. Sandbox From Robolax.

Anshul Bhag, CEO Camp K12In this context,

There are currently over 100 million child coders who use a variety of free coding platforms to learn code by creating games and apps. These platforms are incredibly efficient and paved the way for the kids coding movement in 2007, but most of them are limited to creating 2D projects designed for the era of smartphones and flat screens.

As technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality become more mainstream, we need to upgrade our children’s learning tools so that educators can teach in a way that suits today’s content format. We designed the hatch as a kids coding platform for the age of Metaverse.

Hatch kids It is present in 25 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and India (France is probably not yet included in the system). Children have access to it through schools and educational and technical partners. And it is especially in India that this program is experiencing tremendous growth, especially thanks to the Delhi Government’s encouragement and effective partnership on programming. code.orgWhich is through workshops Hours of code Attracts a growing young audience.

And you? What do you think? Easy opportunistic buzz or the value of real educational yoga? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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