Here are five tips to keep your plane ticket low

To practice – The price of a plane ticket is a significant part of the holiday budget. So, when booking, a few reflections can help reduce the bill.

With demand returning (due to the lifting of travel bans) and rising operating costs for airlines (kerosene, airport taxes, etc.), we should expect to pay more for air tickets. In addition, in December 2021, the Ministry of Ecology announced a 4.9% increase in air ticket prices from France compared to December 2019. The price increase which is even appropriate “Inevitable” For the next few months under the management of Air France-KLM. The chance to remember that there are some tips to find the best offers and sometimes the price of your ticket and therefore big savings on your vacation.

Search in private browsing

To find out which flight you’re interested in, the airlines scan your navigation data … and use it to raise ratings. If you do the same search several times in a short time, everything indicates that you are going to book. If the price of your flight suddenly increases, clear the cache and delete cookies and browsing history from your browser. Also change the IP address if necessary (Editor’s note for changes to the network you connect to) Check your computer or phone to make your reservation. A good reflection: Support your browser’s personal browsing mode to allow you to browse without cookies.

Go through a tour operator and an online travel agency

Another great way to pay less for a plane ticket: Visit online travel agencies and visit offers and packages offered by tour operators there. Benefiting from the prices negotiated with the airlines (especially thanks to the promise of several seats per season), they regularly offer online discounts and last minute promotions. Some examples are:, voyage-privé.com,, or major retailer sites (Carrefour Voyage, Leclerc Voyage, Liddell Voyage, etc.). If prices can be attractive, you can’t choose the date or duration of your stay.

Be flexible on travel dates

If your holiday dates are not fixed when you purchase your plane ticket, select the “All Months” or “Cheap Dates” option. JCG /

Specifically, only for air-flights that you purchase directly from the airline, the flexibility of the date is undoubtedly the first saving factor. Within a day, your ticket price can sometimes be halved. The calendar function offered by search engines, led by Google Flight, is a great way to realize this. First and foremost, remember that for weekend flights instead of weekends, traveling outside of school holidays (when possible), for short-haul flights in the middle of the day … and certain studies, such as those carried out in February 2022 by luggage company Bounce, remind us that The most expensive months to travel are July, May and September. In contrast, the month of January focuses on the cheapest flights of the year.

Low cost, secondary airport, Travel hackingA

Beyond these basic principles, smart travelers also return to the comparator and its other pages. Travel hacking, See list special offers, carrier price errors. Most commonly used: Skyscanner, Kayak, Liligo, Momondo, Fly4free, Secret Flying, Voyages Pirates … You can also visit low cost companies that operate from the secondary airport: it sometimes saves good price surprises. Ryanair, Wizz Air and other Volotea drive passengers crazy with regular flights below 20 euros. You still have to pay for a bus or train ticket to get there … Airport taxes can form a good fraction of the ticket price, but they vary depending on the airports. Cross-border travelers will therefore consider comparing offers from abroad. Many residents of Hautes-de-France prefer to leave Brussels-Charleroi instead of Royce-Charles de Gaulle.

Upgrade: All you need to know

After all, who, from a shrunken economy class, never dreamed he would spend the night lying down. Completely flat bed Business class? Again, there are several strategies. First, be loyal to a company and submit MilesYou will be more likely to get attractive upgrade offers and prioritize going to the front of the aircraft Overbooking. Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask how much a last minute upgrade costs. Some companies sometimes offer online auctions to get a seat in the business, others such as Ethiopian Airlines, offer their passengers, hours before departure, to offer themselves.

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