In Morocco, artificial intelligence, drones and forest fires in Canada

From January to May 2022, 75 The fire begins Identified in Morocco, as opposed to an average of fifteen in the same period over the last ten years. In question, the recorded spring rainfall which is in favor of production Combustible and easily combustible biomass.

The corresponding action program, drawn up by the National Water and Forest Agency (ANEF), was presented at the ANEF headquarters on Thursday, May 24 in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Civil Protection, the Royal Gendarmerie and the Royal Armed Forces. Forces, Royal Air Force and Auxiliary Forces.

At least approximately 150 MDHThe action program is based on a number of pillars for prevention and combat of forest fires, including Prevention, risk analysis, surveillance and intervention. Equipped with modern technical and technological means.

Fouad Asali, head of the National Center for Forest Climate Risk Management, details a program for Médias24 that capitalizes on recent years’ achievements.

18,000 hectares of afforestation

Prevention of forest fires has been embodied in a number of measures aimed at reducing the risk of wildfires. To do this, ANEF plans:

– An awareness campaign targeting the general public against the risk of fire;

– Intensity of preventive afforestation (maintenance, reforestation) till 18,000 hectares High and medium risk areas (15 million dirhams) ;

– Its development and maintenance 48 water points (2 MDH) As well as opening and maintenance 500 Firewall Trench (5.4 MDH) ;

– Rehabilitation and opening 325 km track (45 MDH).

Provides for the construction and maintenance of action programs 23 lookout posts (2 MDH) For fire observers (23.8 MDH). These are all important elements of early forest fire detection for rapid control.

A super computer for risk analysis

Predicting a fire outbreak has not always been an easy task. But with the development of predictive tools for diagnosing hazards and predicting forest fire hazards, predictions are no longer impossible.

Thanks to the static and dynamic mapping of forest fires, it is now possible to analyze these risks in order to define priorities for data managers. Investment in forest environment infrastructure, equipment and fire protection activities.

This prediction has been strengthened by a tool based on the system Artificial intelligence. It consists of a Super computer And a data storage capacity One terabyte (terabyte). This is analyzed by data Multidisciplinary specialists.

Drones in isolated mode

Use of drones (DJI 300RTK) Important for Collect information in real time On the evolution of fire. In this sense, ANEF recommends Granting or waiving a special flight Cover the whole forest fire time. This year the drone is working In isolated mode. They will switch to simultaneous mode next year.

In addition to drones, Five Canadians Effective, the acquisition of three others is pending, the first of which should be delivered this summer. It will bring The number sixAircraft made by the Moroccan Navy. But water shortages will force Canada Fuel at sea.

“Freshwater is equivalent to seawater in extinguishing fires,” explained Abderrahim Haumi, acting director general of ANEF. “On the other hand, after using seawater, Must be washed frequently Canadians To prevent decay “He warns.

In the event of swelling or bad weather, Canada will provide fuel at airports and aerodromes with adequate infrastructure and equipment. Namely: a water source (hydrant, bollard, tank truck, basin or tank), motor pump, adapted piping per plane and a set of connectors.

Dedicated airports and aerodromes for this supply are located at Agadir-Inezgan, Guelmim, Erachidia, Warzajet, Nador, Tangier and Kenitra.

In addition, ANEF’s Action Program provides for purchase 15 vehicles Fighting fire (22 million dirhams)In addition to maintenance and repair 87 VPI vehicles (1.9 MDH).

Forest fires more frequently in the future

“We have capitalized on past achievements to develop this action plan,” Fouad Asali assured. On the other hand, he is worried about increasing the frequency of fires in the future. “Scientists believe that 30% This increase, “he said.” Globally, more than that 45 million hectares Was engulfed in a forest fire in 2021.

In the same year in Morocco, the number of recorded fires reached 435 lights On the total area 3,064 hectaresConsists of an herbal layer and secondary species At 35%.

Reef areas (Chefchauen, Tetouan, Tangier, Weizane and Larache) are the most affected. 117 The fire begins (I.e. 27% of the total number of wildfires in the country) and one area was burnt 1,577 hectares (I.e. 51% of the total area burned nationwide).

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