Mitsubishi Space Star: Do You Still Need to Buy It?

Revised in 2020, the Mitsubishi Space Star, a small and discreet Japanese city car whose price makes its flagship argument, does it still have anything to entice?

This is a Peugeot 208 sold in eight years less than two months. Mitsubishi Space Star is making an appearance in France, where it has had a very discreet career. 10,751 units sold (At the end of January 2022) since his arrival in 2013.

Reverse medal; Its relative rarity makes it an original model that has benefited from a real personality since it was launched in 2020.

Yes, Space Star can still tempt some people …

This development has also benefited the internal presentation, which now has a multimedia interface. A 7-inch touch screen (Apple CarPlay / Android Auto) from Red Line Finish (€ 15,090).

Safety equipment, at the same time, was enriched with Autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian identificationLane exit warning and automatic switching from the main beam to the dipod beam in the top-of-the-range version.

But from the basic finish, a little Japanese, which shows Trunk 235 liters And proud of a 5-seater equivalent – unlike some of its competitors – it also features a manual air conditioner, a radio CD player with a USB port, electrical adjustment to the external mirror, and automatic switching of headlights and windscreen wipers.

Profitable to useWith a cost that can flirt 5 l / 100 km in suburban areas, this city car also benefits from being very wide in Asia.Five year extended warranty.

And, a version for those who don’t like to shift gears CVT automatic transmission is offered, for 1,000 Moreover

Finally, one of the main arguments Japanese produced in Thailand The price remains the same: it appears from 12,990 and has the benefit of an almost systematic discount that allows it to stay below the € 11,000 mark.

This is their value when certain potential competitors come into the second-hand market.

No, the Japanese are of another age …

“Hands-free” access-starting system, standard from the red line, valuable tools in everyday life. But as soon as the door opened the first contact with the space star, the savings of industrialization became apparent.

Mitsubishi Space Star

When the sash is light and closed, It sounds like a cheap car. The contents of the dashboard are the same and the driving position will not be able to satisfy everyone.

We are sitting very high A seat with no comfort and which cannot be adjusted … at height. At the back, except for the small jigs, the roof guard is very light, and the 2 / 3-1 / 3 files fold only from the trunk without leaving a flat floor.

On the driving side, Mitsubishi has created From old to new : Road services have not benefited from continuous restoration

The suspension stays very strong at low speeds, damaging comfort, but not hindering Excessive roll of the body in the curve.

The gears of the mechanical transmission are too long, forcing you to constantly downshift to restart, while The steering is sticky and not very precise. Finally, the soundproofing expressway recalls the canonical era of this noisy space star.

Apparently, this is only in the city, where the performance of its slightly 1.0 liter 71 hp engine is sufficient, which makes the Japanese car respectable.

Mitsubishi Space Star

We love

  • Attractive price
  • Basic equipment
  • CVT offer
  • Extended warranty

We love less

  • Driving location
  • Road service
  • Finishing and soundproofing
  • Rear roominess

Petrol range
71 hp, ranging from € 12,390 to € 17,290

Spec sheet (Mitsubishi Space Star)

  • Weight (kg): from 845
  • LxWxH (m): 3.85 × 1.67 × 1.51
  • Wheelbase (m): 2.45
  • Tank (l): 35
  • Book of 5 (l): 235


  • Suzuki Swift
    • LxWxH (m): 3.85 × 1.74 × 1.50
    • Trunk (l): 265
    • 83 to 129 hp, from € 15,790
  • Hyundai i10
    • LxWxH (m): 3.67 × 1.68 × 1.48
    • Trunk (l): 252
    • From 67 to 100 hp, from € 12,240
  • Toyota Aigo X.
    • LxWxH (m): 3.70 × 1.74 × 1.53
    • Trunk (l): 231
    • 72 hp, from 15,990

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