“Officers trained at West Point must be prepared to fight robots and drones,” said American General Mark Millie, who rekindled the controversy over autonomous weapons.

Drones have been the mainstay of the battlefield for years now, but they always need a human pilot to pull the trigger. That may change. In 2020, a group of soldiers loyal to Libyan General Khalifa Haftar was attacked by autonomous drones, according to a recent report by a group of UN Security Council experts on Libya. The table foretells the possibility of deployment by world armies in future wars. US General Mark Millie therefore told officers trained at West Point to remember that they must be prepared to face this challenge. The situation revived the controversy over the killer robot.

“The maturity of the various technologies that currently exist or are in an advanced stage of development, when combined, has the potential to change the character of the war itself. You will fight with tanks, boats and robot planes. We have seen a revolution in lethal and precise weapons. What was once the exclusive domain of the US military is now accessible to most states who have the money and the desire to achieve it, “he said as he unveiled a new crop of officers without failing to recall the current context of the military conflict. Ukraine.

Asked if he had any innovative ideas for how to revolutionize aviation, Elon Musk said: “Automated drones are the future. It’s not that I want the future to be like that, but it’s inevitable … the era of fighter jets is over. A

This is the type of painting that we will be entitled to as a growing example that illustrates the fact that a machine can be set up to surpass a man in a given task that can be lengthened arbitrarily. In specific cases of air warfare, note that Alpha, an artificial intelligence established by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, defeated later experts in the context of air warfare simulations.

“I was amazed at how conscious and responsive he was. He seemed aware of my intentions and responded immediately to my in-flight changes and missile deployments. He knew in that look that I had failed him. This immediately turns into defensive and offensive action as needed, “said Col. Jean Lee, who described Alpha as the most aggressive, responsive, dynamic and reliable artificial intelligence.

Advantages of autonomous drones?

On the technical question of the establishment of these machines dedicated to war, one can answer in the affirmative. In fact, in a modern fighter jet, the pilot sits in an ejection seat for emergencies, providing oxygen and air conditioning as well as air conditioning to operate at extreme temperatures and altitudes. Flight control and access to instruments. All of this adds significant weight and cost to the aircraft. Also, having transparent glass containers to allow crews to view does not improve signature management, as the chances of radar cross-section and sunlight all increase. The pilot himself is an additional reason for being overweight because he is in charge of a flight kit featuring a helmet, night vision goggles, a flight suit and flight planning and survival equipment. Traditionally, pilots sit in front of the aircraft during takeoff and landing, as well as in dogfight situations to get the best possible view. All of these factors affect aerodynamics, stealth design, and weight distribution. So it can make life easier for designers if the pilot or crew is not on the plane.

These developments will be placed on the general issue of lethal autonomous weapons. A publication published in early 2020 shows that several countries are in the process of concluding an agreement. Thus, the United States, China, Russia, Israel, etc. Invest in developing autonomous weapons systems that can detect, target, and kill individuals. So the right question seems to be: How long ago would the “old” weapon system definitely give way to so-called artificial intelligence-enhanced people?

In the end, the question of human survival is questionable. In his remarks, Mark Millie stated that innovation in the field of lethal autonomous weapons is a priority in the United States to protect against the risks posed by other nations. Elon Musk’s intervention did not fail to filter out the Chinese example: “One thing that may seem strange is that the Chinese economy is probably going to be at least twice or even three times larger than the American economy. A country’s war resources come from its economy. If you have half the wealth, it is better for you to be innovative, otherwise defeat is certain.

The cheapest drone, capable of flying at the same speed and altitude as an F-35, carrying a combat payload and covering a decent distance, would be the XQ-58A Valkyrie, which is still in the prototype stage. The latter could be around 2 2 million, according to the manufacturer.

Source: DoD

And you?

How do you predict the battlefield in the next 10 to 15 years?
What do you think of the discussion of lethal autonomous weapons?
To weaken an F-35 in a drone battle: is it possible?
Do fighter pilots have any reason to worry about their jobs?

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