Sloane, who carried Peter’s child to kill him, is finally ‘free’

Invited on several television sets, Sloane made horrific revelations about the couple he had formed with his former stage partner Peter. Although he continues to deny it, the latter will attack the singer violently.

We all remember this pair for the unforgettable hits of the 80’s: “You don’t want anything”. They were also a couple on stage. Although Peter denies this version of the story, Sloane claims it to anyone who hears it.

After appearing on several television sets, the singer gave a cool testimony about his relationship with Peter. In addition to being beaten by the latter, Sloane had to endure multiple of his disbeliefs.

According to her statement, the violence led to her miscarriage while she was anorexic.

Doctors were pessimistic about her chances of having a baby again. Fortunately, she was able to have a daughter after being separated from Peter. Discover the essence of the singer’s cool testimony.

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Beaten and in love, Sloan becomes a victim of violence from his stage partner, Peter.

In April 2022, Sloane was a guest on Jordan de Lux in his show “L’Instant de Lux”. He took the opportunity to give a horrific testimony about the humiliation, domestic violence and infidelity that he suffered when he was in a relationship with Peter.

Peter and Sloane and Corinne Hermes on a street in Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, in December 1984. I Source: Getty Images

In the 80’s, the two artists lived a love story that quickly turned into a nightmare. For information, the tandem is the origin of the famous tube “Need nothing want you”.

Jean-Pierre Savelli, whose real name is Peter, has always denied having an affair with Sloan. The latter disagrees:

“This guy is horrible with lies (…) In 1983, he flirted with me”,

She is confident

He not only claims to have had an affair with her, but also claims that he beat her:

“He didn’t talk about how he hit me in the face (…) He hit me, he hit me (…) Nice one day, he put his head between my two eyes, my eyes were black on the 15 day trip When he was arrested, it was stopped.

He insisted.

In the event that Peter seeks to disprove these claims, Sloane claims that “there are plenty of witnesses” to confirm his version. One of them is Michelle Lib.

In addition to this physical violence, Sloane claims to have supported the betrayal of his ex-partner, which he described as a “narcissistic perversion”:

“She was jumping on the girls in the dressing room, and I, at the time, was doing my make-up.”

The singer remembered.

Anorexia Sloan was pregnant with Peter’s child but lost the baby: ‘I’m almost dying’

In her own confession, Sloane had an abortion:

“I have evidence that I was pregnant with her (…) on the trip, I lost a baby from her”,

He has revealed.

At the time of the incident, the singer was anorexic. An abortion in this state was specifically attempted. He recalled the unveiling of events in fairly specific detail:

“He took me to the hospital in the morning because I was dying (…) I had a cardiac arrest on the operating table because I weighed 42 kg, I was very happy with him (…) I almost died”,

He reminded himself.

Peter and Sloane during the recording of the Cadence 3 show in Paris, France on November 21, 1984. I Source: Getty Images

They parted ways, reuniting several years later, on the occasion of the “80s Star” tour. Sloane needed Peter to perform their famous hit, but it sets the almost unrealistic condition:

“We were going to have a coffee and there he said to me, ‘If you want me to tour, you’ll give me 15%.’ For, I gave him 15% of my salary. ‘

He has revealed to Jordan de Lux.

For the record, Sloane gave birth to a daughter after her separation from Peter.

“Who’s right?” : After admitting to Peter’s aggression, Sloan finally felt ‘liberated’

On the set of “Toche pas à mon Poste!”, Sloane returned to the charge, confirming his earlier statement. In April 2022, he reaffirmed his relationship with Peter, contrary to his version:

“I fell in love with this guy, that’s the origin of the two.”

She blurted out.

After enduring the treatment he had given her for so long, he decided to leave:

“I left him in 1985 because I couldn’t take it anymore. I weighed 42 kilograms, my eyes were black.”

The two artists give opposite and contradictory versions. The two have a right to think which of the two holds the truth. This is also the question raised by Laurent Fontaine.

Sloane’s answer is unequivocal: “It’s me.” He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

“Thank you for supporting me from France, and also for supporting me from his first wife (…) because I was able to speak with an open mind. I received a great welcome in your place.”

He admitted.

Many netizens have actually supported him through their comments:

Customer Review Screenshot. Twitter

Clearly, 30 years after the truth, the fact that he was finally able to feel confident without hesitation did him the best. He expressed his gratitude in these terms:

“I have to say it has set me free and I’ve lost three kilograms since then, which means I’m clearly better.”

If the version of Chantal is confirmed, we can well imagine the courage and strength with which he had to equip himself to make these revelations. Thanks to this, he feels light and much more confident.

Will Peter respond to this new media release from Sloane? We can’t say that. Still, if it happens, you won’t miss anything from this soap opera that is far from over.

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