The couple lost three children in a plane crash and believe a child was sent to help them through the tragedy.

A man and his wife lost their three children in a plane crash and thought of ending their lives. But a few years after they decided to move on, they received a gift that helped them to overcome this ordeal. Here is the story of their recovery.

Anthony Maslin (Maj.) And his wife, Merit Norris (Rin), once thought about facing death that they felt inside. The couple had three great children over the years, until one day they learned the terrible news of their death.

Their pain was certainly particularly strong, as it almost led them to suicide. However, they were not selfish enough to do so because they did not want other people to mourn their loss. Here is their story.

A bad new one

The couple’s children, Mo, 12, Evi, 10, and Otis, 8, were returning to Perth with their grandfather, Nick Norris, while both parents were in the Netherlands to finish something loose. This is the only thing that saved the couple from the tragedy of their children.

Rin and Maz promised to see them again soon, and after the kids left, the couple opened up about the “extraordinary” two weeks they spent together as a family in the Netherlands. But without their knowledge, the situation will change drastically in less than 24 hours.

Nick, Rin’s father, took the children to Schiphol Airport, then checked them in on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which left on July 17, 2014 at 12:31 local time.

Within an hour and 30 minutes of traveling around eastern Ukraine, the Watchtower lost contact with the aircraft. About 90 seconds later, the ruins of wheat and sunflower fields just outside Harabov, a village in Ukraine, began to rain.

Maz and his wife were asleep when they received a phone call from their annoying assistant, who wanted to know if their children had flown away. This led the man to do a Google search, which revealed to him photos of the wreckage.

The plane was shot down. The news broke Maz and he fell to the floor in pain. Then his wife came downstairs to hear what had happened.

Angels who have passed

The couple’s children were adventurous at heart, and at a young age the trio already had the opportunity to travel to many countries, with Moe’s passport having 53 stamps and Evie 31.

Their lives have been a lot of fun. Rin worked as a make-up artist in London’s theater world, while Mazz had a successful career as a stock broker and even became an investor in sustainability-centric start-ups.

When they were young, their children lived in an isolated Muslim settlement, while their father worked at the world’s first solar-powered water purification and bottled station. They wanted their children to be acquainted with different cultures and lifestyles of the world.

Evie, their daughter, had a very sympathetic and creative spirit like her mother, while Mo was comfortable and smart with a certain interest in sports. Their youngest son Otis was a force of energy who loved to climb trees.

Sad house

It was hard for Maz and Rin to get used to the absence of their children at home, and when they returned to their Scarborough home, they avoided being alone. Fortunately, their friends and family were willing to spend time with them in their grief.

Even the Australian community has shown support for the two bereaved parents. Moe’s football team, the Fremantle Dockers, also paid tribute to the children before one of their matches.

After a while, the bodies of their three children and Maz’s father were finally identified. Then, three months later, the couple traveled to the Netherlands to bring them home.

Over time, couples begin to come to terms with the awkward truth that their children are well and truly gone forever. They find ways to deal with their post-traumatic grief and move on.

At first they needed sympathy, but over time they began to hate the pitiful gaze of man.

A new gift

In 2016, Maz and Rin received a gift in the form of a fourth child from their deceased children. They thought of having children, but they did not know how to deal with the tragedy that befell them before their arrival.

They were sure that if they wanted their three deceased children they would be parents again, and they did, because on May 10, 2016 Violet May Maslin came.

It turned out that their concerns were unfounded, as the violet was growing well. Speaking of which, Maz says:

“I’m the father of four beautiful kids, and it’s a lucky point no matter what. You can’t see all three of them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t.”

Both parents will never forget their three dead children and when asked how it affected their relationship, Rin replied:

“We are very fortunate that Moe, Avi and Otis have become a part of our lives and have come to our world to teach us a lot. . “

The couple slowly recovered from their traumatic tragedy and thanks to the gift of life they received, things could get better for them.

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