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Issy-les-Moulineaux, May 24, 2022 – On the occasion of Microsoft Build 2022, Us Annual Conference Thousands gather every year Developer, Microsoft introduces more than 50 new services and features dedicated to them, focusing on the use of artificial intelligence and automation. It also clarifies his views on Microsoft Metavers.

As part of her inaugural keynote address, Satya Nadela unveiled a number of new solutions and features for developers, whether expert or low-code. When dBy 2024, 65% of apps created will be no-code or low-code, according to Gartner. Today’s announcements will allow developers to design hybrid app models, using intelligence and automation in performance services.

Satya Nadela also remembers how Microsoft Mesh Azure is positioned as a reference platform that allows developers to create their own Submerged world, in complete flexibilityRegardless Used devices – HoloLens, virtual reality headsets, phones, tablets and PCs. Today, many of our customers are developing Satya Nadela Art MetaversWhether Digital Twin, Process Automation and Control, AI Integration and Immersive Visualization.

Among the announcements to remember:

Offer more fluidity and agility to developers

To facilitate the use of artificial intelligence in programming and to streamline the work of developers, Microsoft has announced:

  • The General availability of GitHub Copilot From this summer. Copilot provides code advice to developers based on existing code and feedback. When Preface Copilot has more than a third of daily users who sign up to use the program.
  • Microsoft DevboxWhich allows developers to code from anywhere, without a physical PC, accessing an already cloud-provisioned and pre-packaged virtual machine, reducing installation and configuration time, and hardware constraints.
  • Project VolteraA new devicel Equipped with an NPU (Neural Process Unit), Powered by Snapdragon, associated with an SDK that will allow Windows developers can code, test, and debug with the development tools of their choice (including Visual Studio, Windows Terminal, WSL). VSCode, Microsoft Office and Team), The local ARM application integrates locally executed AI processes.

Making development accessible to all through AI and automation

Microsoft is also introducing new low-code solutions that rely on AI and automation, addressing all types of profiles, to address the challenges of the operational team:

  • Microsoft Power PageAn easy-to-use low-code development and hosting platform that enables everyone from low-code developers to professional developers to design, configure and publish websites for PC and mobile in just a few clicks.
  • Express design In Power Apps, which lets you load a PDF, PowerPoint or even a hand-drawn sketch and convert it into a functional application in seconds.
  • Text Summary In Dynamics 365 for customer support. Users can summarize complex conversations to reduce request processing time and improve customer satisfaction.

The event is an opportunity to announce a number of new features, including the advent of Azure, Windows, Power Platform and Microsoft 365. Live share in the Microsoft team. This new feature allows many people to interact at the same time with the content shared in team meetings – co-viewing, co-editing and co-creation.

Discover the details of these announcements in this blog post and in the news book

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