What to do in the garden with your child in the summer?

Mercury is at its peak and the sun has set for the season. Ideal for your kids to have fun in your outdoor space. Here’s a series of ideas so he doesn’t get bored.

The Holidays ! After a school year, it’s time for a long vacation. So that yours Children Having fun while learning how to take care GardenLet’s go for a round idea to entertain him.

As vegetable patch and garden teaCountry of adventure and learning

The art of gardening can be learned as a game. If involved, he will feel anxious and involved. Sowing, watering, mulching, observing their evolution and staying close to nature.

In vegetable gardens and orchards, it can also be harvest time to go to the oven and taste your food like a chef before returning to the kitchen with food baskets.

It is also possible to teach him the names of the flowers that decorate the garden when he makes bouquets.

Adventure games

But above all, the park has a huge space for innovation and fun.

Like a small squirrel, he can climb to the top to pick a fruit if the branches are not too much or to help light garlands.

Sleep under the stars

Basket-filled chocolate bars, garden fruit and water bottles for dinner under the stars, before rushing into a tent, sleeping bags and the sound of the night when it sounds like an owl when it snorts.

A moment in the cradle

Installed and secured, it can be carried on a suspended platform between two ropes or tobogans as some models also offer.

Pretend to be an astronomer

If you have a telescope, you can teach him to recognize the stars, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, how they work. With binoculars, he can follow in the footsteps of small insects and parasitic animals in the garden.

Play like Tony Parker

A basket hangs on a tree, a ball and it depends on him aiming to round the kite like a real football professional.

With a tarp that you no longer use, wedge it between two trees and place the target in it so that the children can hit them with a small foam ball.

Build your hut

If a place can be arranged under a tree, he can make a fake campfire out of a piece of wood, welcome his friends to a snack there and give free rein to his imagination to invent its story. “Home

Like an adventurer Koh LantaThere may be a way to follow him: running in the studs, jumping on a log, walking on a wire …

Water sports

Summer is a fun time to play water.

Play while cool. Adobe stock

Let him play or play the role that he is a great swimmer and you are training him for the Olympics to give him small challenges like ten lengthening in less than 5 minutes, handstand, rescuing a pebble from the bottom of the water.

There is no such thing as a lawn spray that will rotate 360 ​​degrees to keep it cool.

In jail mode

In a basin or a small swollen pond, you can keep water and small ducks or fish that your baby needs to catch with a fishing rod (a metal stick at the end to be able to recover the floating creature. Metal circle behind it, for example). A way to concentrate and control your activities well.

Make a vegetable garden

If your child is rather manual and likes to create objects, then there is no shortage of ideas.

He can start planting by planting seedlings, picking ripe fruits and vegetables or spreading the soil using a crate and planting the seeds of his choice and take care of them all summer long before harvesting.

Make a chime

The instrument can play for the wind, all you need are a few elements: a branch of wood, a string at the end of which you can hang a seashell that will gently collide with the wind and emit a comfortable sound.

Outdoor indoor games

Temperatures allow some games to move out. You can arrange a table with a slate board or sheets, markers and colored pencils to show off his creativity or an easel with canvas and water paint.

Mini bowling is a sport

The bowling pin or the plastic bottle that he had previously painted, a few meters away, would be placed on a smooth surface, depending on whether a foam ball would be thrown… a strike!

Play musical chairs

Set up a few chairs, one less than the number of participants, start the music and the one who can’t sit loses. Repeat until only one is left.

Part of Mölkky

In this Finnish game a stick (called a tikku) is sprinkled with several skeetles, which are placed about 3.5 meters away. Each of their numbers to be touched is calculated according to what it carries (from one to twelve). The first player to reach 50 points wins the game.

And also: play football, run a race, play a two or three suns, sack races, hide and seek, play cards …

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