Atos announces launch of “Atos Business Outcomes-in-A-Service” in collaboration with Dell Technologies

In early May, Atos announced the launch of a 5G, Edge and IoT offer, developed jointly with Atlas BOaaS Business Dell Technologies. Atos BOaaS takes advantage of the Cloud-to-Edge (Edge) and Cloud-to-Far-Edge (Remote Edge) architectures to extract commercially viable data through artificial intelligence. Solution installation, piloting and management are automated from end to end.


Atos, a French digital services company founded in 1997, is an international leader in digital transformation with 111,000 employees and an annual turnover of about 11 billion euros. Number one in Europe in cloud, cybersecurity and supercomputers, the group provides integrated solutions for all sectors in 71 countries. At the forefront of decarbonization services and products, Atos is committed to providing its customers with secure and decarbonized digital solutions.

On April 30, 2018, the Atos General Meeting of the shareholders was held at Atos’ Raisin D’Tray and included it in the articles of association of the company: “Contribute to the formation of information space”. Thanks to its expertise and services, Atos supports the development of knowledge, education and research in a multicultural way and contributes to the development of scientific and technological excellence. Internationally, Atos enables its customers, its employees, and more and more people in general, to live, work, and thrive in a sustainable way and with complete confidence in the information space.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies, an American company founded by Michael Dell in 1984 called PC’s Limited, based in Round Rock, Texas, is a major player in computer design and construction but also a technology solutions provider for information (IT). It offers multi-cloud and big data solutions, based on a modern data center infrastructure.

Its data storage platform, the Streaming Data Platform (SDP), allows companies to access a single solution for all their data (streaming or not). This solution provides off-the-box functionality and supports high-speed data ingestion with an open-source, auto-scaling streaming storage solution. The offer benefits open source technologies like Apache Flink, Spark, and Pravega, and app connectors like Bumi and Kafka, enabling access to a wide range of features and engines. With a programming model that powers functionality across multiple engines, SDP helps reduce application development time and enables real-time business insights while receiving data. Which eliminates all operational and storage inefficiencies.


Edge computing adds complexity to digital systems and IoT creates huge amounts of valuable unnecessary data. Combining the expertise of Atos and Dell, Atos enables BOaaS companies to quickly achieve realistic and repeatable business results from IoT data stream and analysis. The solution also makes it possible to manage an IoT ecosystem from a single dashboard.

Atos launches BOaaS Dell’s streaming data platform, one of the most innovative Edge AI applications it creates Pipeline Reliable, fast and secure data enables data analysis from edge to cloud Atos bundles all technology components into complementary services, allowing an on-demand consumption model to focus on the end user and the operational advantages of data analytics in the cloud.

Atos BOaaS is revolutionizing digital operations by freeing companies from on-site technical support, reducing their carbon footprint, and saving hundreds of tons of CO from each customer.2 Every year.

The annual economic and environmental impact of Atos BOaaS can be calculated as follows: 1,000 retailers, the solution saves 66,000 hours in maintenance, compliance and update; And + 1% to 2% in turnover, equivalent to $ 4.2 million in savings in digital media.

Atos’ ability to innovate was recognized on May 4 at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas. Dell Technologies Global Alliance 2022 – Global Excellence in Innovation AwardWhich marks Atos’ commitment to supporting customer success in the data age.

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