Citizenship: What you need to know about marriage

The new fee is now applicable at the registry office. All questions related to this organization were raised during the May 19 Explicit or Ka-thematic program. Mario William Ayelou, Registrar of Civil Status, was the guest of Priscilla Sadian. Focus on this practical information.

New fees

  • All of the island’s offices, including Port-Louis, maintain a free citizenship status service for weddings. There are 33 offices in the country.
  • On the other hand, since May 1, the cost of the ‘marriage hall’ located in the civil status office in the capital is not the same as before.
  • Fee for marriage hall (marriage among Mauritian): 500 rupees.
  • Another room at the Port-Louis office is available free of charge.
  • Fee for marriage hall (marriage between Mauritian and foreigner): Rs. 2,000.
  • Fee for wedding hall (among foreigners): 3,000 rupees.
  • Remember that for a wedding between foreigners in a private place, the cost is 5,000 rupees (price remains unchanged).
  • Fees were last reviewed in 2011.

The importance of civil marriage

“Civil marriage is not an obligation, it is a choice. However, a civil marriage, from a legal point of view, serves as protection for the couple, but also for the children. Together, both spouses have duties and responsibilities, as set out in the Mauritian Civil Code. Responsibilities for relief, assistance and loyalty, for example. Civil registrars repeat this at every celebration, because it is very important, “said William Mario Aylo.

Papers for marriage

Mauritian / Mauritian

  • To enforce the ban, it is done in the district where the couple wants to get married (not necessarily where they live).
  • Both spouses must be present.
  • They must bring their identity card, their birth certificate (date less than three months).
  • They must wait 10 days after the ban is announced (to make sure there are no objections).

Foreign / Mauritian

  • A checklist for foreigners is available on the Civil Status website (for example, a police clearance, in the original version, duly preached and signed by the authorities of his country, the original of his birth certificate less than three months old, a medical certificate to ensure that the person is not suffering from a contagious disease. “
  • All documents will be verified at the Civil Status Office.
  • The method of publication is the same. Passport and a clearance from the immigration office are also required.

Stranger / Stranger

  • As part of the promotion of Mauritius as a honeymoon destination, marriages between foreigners are possible the day after their arrival.

As far as possible, registrars try to respect everyone’s customs and traditions regarding the date and time of the wedding.

Marital rule

Body and property

After civil marriage, all purchased property is for both spouses.

Separation of property

After a civil marriage, each spouse retains his or her purchased property and can dispose of his or her property without the consent of his or her partner.

Contract marriage

This is done before a notary and all the terms are written in a contract which will serve as a guideline for disposing of one’s property.

It is possible to change the marital regime. However, there is a five-year period for honoring. After five years, the couple can apply to the court to change the marriage arrangement. Motivation needs to be explained.

Eligibility for civil marriage

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You have to consent.
  • Family members who have blood ties cannot marry each other.
  • A person who is still legally married cannot marry another person. He must first divorce her. According to the provisions of the Civil Code, there is a waiting period for women, i.e. 300 days. Otherwise, the woman can present a medical certificate to the Civil Registrar that she is not pregnant.


Name change

The Civil Code defines a woman as having the right to use her husband’s patron name privately through marriage. The exercise of this right of use is optional, meaning that there is no obligation to change a woman’s title. So he has his own choice. So, married woman should not lose the surname she had before marriage. She retains the right to use her husband as she sees fit. The husband may add his wife’s name to his title. This attachment will be sent to the children at the joint request of the spouses recorded during the marriage ceremony by the Civil Registrar or the person authorized for this celebration.


A civil marriage cannot be contracted before the dissolution of the first marriage. After the divorce has been annulled, the man may remarry immediately, while the woman must respect the 300-day period before being able to remarry. Otherwise, she must submit a medical certificate to the civil registry, proving that she is not pregnant.

Duties and responsibilities of husband / wife

The rights and responsibilities of wives are enshrined in the Mauritian Civil Code (Chapter VI). Below are some of them:

  • Husband / wife agrees together, only in the reality of marriage, the obligation to feed, maintain and nurture their children.
  • Husband / wife is indebted to each other for loyalty, help, support. Husband / wife together ensures the moral and material direction of the family. They provide education to the children and prepare them for the future.
  • If marital practices do not control the spouses’ contribution to the expenses of the marriage, they contribute to it in proportion to their respective faculties.
  • Couples mutually force each other for a community of life. Family accommodation is a place they choose through mutual agreement.
  • The spouse, without the other, cannot settle the rights by which the family’s accommodation is ensured, nor is it furnished with furniture.
  • Every spouse has full legal power; But her rights and powers may be limited by the effect of the marriage rule and the provisions of this chapter.
  • If one of the spouses seriously fails in his duty and thus endangers the interests of the family, the judge in the chamber may prescribe all necessary emergency measures for those interests. He may specifically prohibit this spouse from doing business of his own or community property, movable or immovable, without the consent of others. He may prohibit the removal of furniture without specifying those for whom he blames one of the spouses for personal use.
  • Each wife can independently take up a profession, collect her earnings and wages, and settle them after paying for the wedding expenses.

Computerized system

From September 2021, it is possible to get a new birth certificate online. “You have to go to the post office to open an account, just like you would open a bank account. Then you will have an access code. You can then access the application. After verification, you can print your birth certificate or other documents for free. It has a digital signature and has the same validity as the document you submitted to the registry office. The service is easy to use and fast. This is a revolutionary project and we are one of the few countries. We have notified all organizations about the validity of this document. A

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