Football: Raul Bobadilla, former Enfant Terrible, grew up well


Returning to Switzerland this winter, the 34-year-old Paraguay striker erased the sulfuric reputation he inherited from the start of his career. Schaffhausen is relying on his leadership to overcome obstacles against Lucerne.

Raউলl Bobadilla has found a balance between personal and football in Chefhausen.


Schaffhausen has been waiting for this for 15 years: to taste the joy of the Super League again. Returning to the Challenge League in 2007, then crossing the D3 between 2011 and 2013, finding the Yellow and Black elite has never been so close. 2nd at the end of the championship, they won the right to face the end of the Super League – in this case Lucerne – a round-trip play-off. The first round took place this Thursday in Schaffhausen (7pm), before Law II in the Swissporarena in Lucerne on Sunday afternoon (4.30pm).

The last time Schaffhausen played a first-division match was when Swiss footballer Raul Bobadilla was discovered. Arriving at Concordia Basel from River Plate in the summer of 2006, the Paraguay striker is about to complete a successful practice in the Challenge League (18 goals in 28 matches), which will open the door for him to grasshopper. The beginning of a unique story between him and Switzerland, which will be just a springboard for him.


Possessing a rare talent, Bobadilla had the good fortune to participate in a great championship. Fifteen years later, he feels “a lot of joy” to sign for Schaffhausen, back in a country that “gave him so much” and “saw him grow as a footballer”. Even there, where he carried out a good part of his escape. When, as in 2013, at FC Basel, he was flashed at a speed of 111 km / h with the month in 50 zones. Over the years, Buenos Aires has chained native misconduct. I remember his teammate Rafael Nuzolo at Young Boys in 2012, “I played with a lunatic. It was not possible to channel him then. He was very restless.

“He’s a lunatic with whom I played. It wasn’t possible to channel then.

Rafael Nujolo, Raul Bobadilla’s teammate in the 2012 Young Boys

Raul Bobadilla, a slum child, grew up in uncertainty, with violence and dramatic consequences all around. “Without football, I could be in prison. Or dead, like my childhood friends,” he said in a lengthy interview. Blick In 2019. The Paraguayans have struggled to get rid of this flaw and also show the volcanic mood. An explosive cocktail. While in Manchengladbach (2009-2011), he was caught driving while intoxicated. He will carry on the reputation of mismanagement for a long time and multiply the clubs (already 12 since the beginning of his career).

Raউলl Bobadilla in the colors of Basel, where he spent briefly between January and August 2013.

Raউলl Bobadilla in the colors of Basel, where he spent briefly between January and August 2013.

Fresh focus

Yet his power was never questioned. “He can make incredible differences, recalls Rafael Nuzolo. He made extremely high-level offensive gestures. It was a bull, you were the moped when you ran into it! But he was fast, had a good shot and this was a very South American technical. Subtlety. Back to the goal, he controls with the sole and then focuses on the side. He had a good vision of the game. If he had been more stable, Raউলl could have played in a much bigger club. Blick: “My career could have been bigger than Mohammed Salah.”

Thanks to Murat Yakin at Shafhausen

Characterized by his experience in Switzerland, Bobadilla has always maintained a desire to return. Schaffhausen granted his wish through Murat Yakin in February. The current national team manager has coached Concordia and then the center-forward at Basel – he was also an assistant coach at GC – and the two have maintained a strong relationship. In addition, Yakin has a relationship with his former club, especially since his brother Hakan is still part of the technical staff, and has taken the opportunity to slip Bobadilla’s name to the leaders. Unlike other clubs, the 34-year-old Schaffhausen has not been ruled out due to his responsibilities and fears surrounding his physical condition. “Here, I found a family,” he said. “Everyone accepted me in a wonderful way.

“Here I found a family. I felt good from the first moment. “

Raul Bobadilla, Schaffhausen striker

In a young group (average 24.5 years), he was given the responsibility of leader. “He has an experience that others around him don’t have,” said coach Martin Andermat. He must be shown the way. ” The mission is complete so far: Yellow and Black have the best championship records since their March 11 debut against Yewardon. So much so that they have risen to the playoffs from 4th place.

Not all credit goes to him, but his contribution to this ascent is many. From his first outing, he slammed a spectacular acrobatic comeback. This will be followed by four more goals and one assist in nine games. The man is happy. “The most important thing for a player is to have confidence. Raউলl received a lot from us and he gave it back to us, believes Martin Andermat. He trained very hard. He has improved the team by his creativity, as well as his comfort.

Shaffhausen – On April 1, on the occasion of Xamax, Rafael Nuzolo reunited with his former teammate. And I saw him change: “I found him physically fit, just like the pictures I had of him. And still just as dangerous. On the other hand, I found it more collective. He kept two punishments for his attacking partner (Editor’s note: Joaquin Ardaiz) And served him abundantly. He probably wouldn’t have done it before. “

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Raul Bobadilla is certainly not one. Between his departure from Basel in 2013, where he lost the support of Murat Yakin, and his arrival at Schaffhausen, he grew terribly big. “I made a mistake, I paid the price for them. I learned from it and now it’s over. Being a father changed my life. I stopped going out at night like so many other things. I have three children. When I enter the field and I see them, I can’t behave in any way. I have learned to be calm. “

Bobadilla certainly did not live up to expectations, but bringing Schaffhausen back into the Super League would be a great achievement. Could the dam’s results show the rest of his career? “We want to be here with my family,” he said. We feel good, the children have been admitted to the school there. After the play-off I will see if the club wants to keep me. Either way, it would be best for me. And if that’s not possible, at least stay in Switzerland. “

Stability as a key quality: This is what the new Raul Bobadilla wants.

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