Future4care start-up Accelerator has officially launched its premises and its digital platform

On June 10, 2021, Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange announced the creation of Future4care, which aims to accelerate the development of European e-health solutions until they are launched. Less than a year after the launch of the initiative, Future 4Care launches its digital platform on May 16 on its premises in the heart of the Biopark in Paris.

The Kovid-19 epidemic has shown a lack of urgency on the part of the health system. To remedy this problem, Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange have identified two problems: health sovereignty and decentralization of systems. In response, these companies have created Future4Care, a start-up accelerator.

Agnes Panier-Ranachar, then Minister of Industry, represented:

“I welcome the creation of DE Future4care in line with the government’s priorities for building France as a leading country in digital health. Digital innovation is indeed at the center of our priorities for improving patient care and finding more effective therapeutic solutions. A

On September 22, 2021, the first call for projects dedicated to digital e-health was launched and, the following December, 20 selected e-health start-ups joined Future4care to create its first promotion: ArcaScience, Bbalance, Blaazar, Bliss Digital Therapeutics, Body, Cassis, Hopen, i-Virtual, Juicy, Cupcode, Knock, Mapatho, MedVir, PK Vitality, Remedy Labs, Rafim, Sentinhealth, Trevizer, Wafite and Whitelab.

When these start-ups joined Future4care last February and their personalized support began, the first collaboration emerged very quickly, such as between I-Virtual and Knok. The two start-ups, who met at the time of joining Future4Care, announced on March 1 that I-Virtual Healthcare was integrating its solution to measure physiological parameters Caducy on the Knok platform for the benefit of professionals and patients.

Future 4Care launched a second call in April for applications on personalized medicine and remote patient management.

Introduction to the Institute

Future4care announced the creation of the Institute on March 22, during the first conference “Ethics and e-Health in 2030”, formed around three activities: an academy, a think-tank and a circle. Its scientific and ethical council, comprising personalities from different disciplines, is chaired by Professor Olivier Guerin.

In 2022, the first work will focus on the impact of digital technology on personalized medicine and access to remote care.

New partnership

Future4care, which aims to become the e-health benchmark European hub, last March announced a partnership with PariSanté Campus and the @ Hôtel-Dieu initiative.

Be-Ys, Biocodex, Alira Health and UCB have joined the ecosystem as industry partners.

In January 2022, Beys, a specialist in high-tech digital trusts and data governance applied to insurance and healthcare, first joined the Future4care ecosystem. The following April, Biocodex, a pioneer and international pharmaceutical player in the field of microbiota and women’s health, came together, thus strengthening the diversity desired by the founders of Future4care. This month he joined another player in the field: the biopharmaceutical company UCB, which specializes in serious diseases in immunology and neurology. Alira Health, a health consulting firm based in Europe and the United States, which aims to humanize healthcare, has also integrated Future4care.

Other companies will soon follow up to offer Future4care and will come to offer the full European dimension of Future4care. As a symbol of this first success, Future4care therefore launched on the premises on May 16 and its digital platform is designed entirely to promote thought, collaboration and more widely innovation.

Agnès De Leersnyder, managing director of Future4care, says:

“We are very proud of the progress that has been made over the last 12 months, with the Future4care team and the staff involved in our founders. Today, hundreds of entrepreneurs, experts, researchers and other health professionals have joined us. The adventure has just begun. We give you one appointment a year. A

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