Here are 10 great video games for those new to PS4 and PS5

Have you just acquired a PS4 or a PS5 but don’t know what to play? Here are some games that will be suitable for all newcomers.

Buying your first console is an event that is easily remembered. If a lot of gamers have experienced this a few years ago, even many years for some, others are just starting out and this is definitely your case. Whether you bought a PS5 to get started in style, or you inherited your cousin’s PS4 or you want to get closer to your grandchildren through video games, we offer you some game ideas that you need to start slowly, but qualitatively.

Since newcomers don’t just have a unique profile, here’s a selection of 10 games that should be suitable for almost any newcomer, regardless of the type of game you play, age or even the amount of time you have. Once you’ve tasted the magic of video games, you’ll become more experienced and find the things you love. If you are out of inspiration you can consult the files for the best games on the PS5 or even the best PlayStation for 2021.

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How to recognize a good game for beginners?

These are usually games Whose story predominates over the complexity of the gameplay (All game mechanics) and more fun to follow than to complete, even games that don’t require great skill to finish and that require rather simple, even minimal control. This section contains games whose descriptions differ from linear, generally more complex open worlds. Of course, there are exceptions to all of these rules.

To find out if a game is complicated, we suggest you specify its PEGI indicator, which determines the recommended age to start the game in question. If it is influenced by the content itself (drugs, obscene language or even the presence of firearms) it is also a fairly good indicator of discomfort in general. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to our list, including the first game.


We start with an independent game, which has become a big name in the industry because its story is interesting and boring. Inside Inside, You are playing like a little boy whose adventures are strictly linear. There is no question of going right or left, the only goal is to move forward. To do this, you sometimes need to solve some puzzles, or even take advantage of your environment.

As his story goes, Inside Rather minimalist. And for good reason, the complete absence of dialogue will not help you understand the purpose of this whole adventure. But it also creates the originality of the title, which wants to be a memorable experience within the reach of everyone. For those who ask for more, you can also discover LimboDeveloped by the same studio, and none other than its predecessorInside.

Discover limbo and inside

Become a Detroit man

Become a Detroit man An experience more than every game. In the title of this narrative, you will take turns playing 3 druids in a future where humans are surrounded by their mechanical counterparts artificial intelligence. However, the three characters you have played are living proof that an artificial intelligence is, above all, an “intelligence”.

Throughout your adventure, you will therefore have to choose your destiny: to live as a slave while your consciousness is awake, or to seize the opportunity to change your things (for better or for worse). Take our word for it, Become a Detroit man A very accessible game, the only less easy moments are the QTE stages (where you have to quickly press random buttons). Our test is here.

Discover Detroit: Become human

Unpublished 4

If you like Life of exploration and adventure, Unpublished Must have a franchise. However, if you’re really new, don’t make fun of the first game of the license, or you’ll get discouraged too quickly: in the first two games, the action takes up a lot more space than the story. -Even though, weapons are difficult to handle and they are not the best example of comfort or even accessibility.

It’s just fromUnmarked 3 Things that are soft to give way to a truly enjoyable game, in the same vein Tomb Rider. We have decided to introduce you 4 Because it is our favorite, and it is the one that lends itself the most to individual formats (which can necessarily be included to do earlier). Inside Unpublished 4, Many years after Nathan Drake abandoned the search, the pirates went in search of the treasure and lost his brother, who was none other than his most trusted traveling companion. Our test is here.

Discover the unknown legacy of the thief collection


Better a poor horse than no horse at all Gray, A descriptive masterpiece at all levels. In this depressing title, you play the role of a woman who explores a strange world, a reflection of her inner passion, after a traumatic event. Throughout the adventure, you move from a dark world to a colorful, soft and poetic universe.

Gray So this is a game that is suitable for those who think that video games spread with action and violence. Here, you mainly need to use your brain to survey the platforms that the game offers. Not a very complicated thing, the goal is to guide you in a complex universe like a human emotion.

Discover Gray

Sakboy: A big adventure

When the PS5 launched in 2020, it was among the games available. Sakboy: A big adventure A platform game similar to Super Mario Bros. Or even Crash Bandicoot, but which follows the adventures of the protagonist of the Little Big Planet game. In this installment, you must face Wax, the one who sowed again and found him in Patchwork World. But before you can defeat him, you must defeat his minions and explore the world in search of the lost Orbs.

Like any such game, sackboy A more enjoyable adventure from single to multiplayer, so you can go up to 4 players in local mode. What makes it one of our favorites is its great artistic direction, but also its sound design. Sony takes full advantage of its music label, including the color scheme of Bruno Mars, just to name this artist. Trust us, you will not be disappointed with the trip.

Discover Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Stardew Valley

How to talk about games for newcomers without quotes Stardew Valley ? This is an essential management game that we recommend to all video game newcomers. Pixel Art is a great representative of the title, it does not require any special knowledge or skills to appreciate.

In this game in the colors of nature, you must build your farm from A to Z and maintain it so that it is successful. Against the backdrop of soft and soothing music, you need to plant your fruits and vegetables, take care of the cattle, go fishing or explore the surroundings to gather resources. A smooth running business that will take your time, but you will not count when you love.

Take a tour of the Stardew Valley

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

spyro, Is a platform game franchise that is no longer very young, but still has the potential to be the most entertaining. Recently reconsidered in the collection Spyro Reignited Trilogy, The first three parts of the Purple Dragon adventure lets you explore a colorful universe, populated by favorite characters and fairly simple gameplay mechanics. If some level or achievement requires more rigor and observation, any beginner can manage to finish the game without real concern.

In its gameplay, we can compare spyro Of Crashing, Which is a franchise published by Activision Blizzard. However, the latter is a bit more demanding and not all newcomers will be able to win as easily as the trilogy. spyro. So we recommend opuses Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy (Remaster of the first 3 opas) and Crash Bandicoot: The time has come To the slightly more striped players.

Discover the Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Because Bridge of Spirits

Bought: Bridge of Spirits A fairly recent game that should catch your eye, at least visually. Because there is a young girl whose role is to accompany the spirits of the dead in the next life thanks to the power that she has alone. With the help of his little companion Roths, he must free an entire village and make his way to the great sacred mountain to find the answer to his question.

Where the game is strong lies in its fascinating storytelling. Overall, its a process Bought Very easy and the difficulty of the game is very affordable. Its open world lets you focus on exploration instead of war and you have to rack your brain from time to time. It all ends in a very long but absolutely magical adventure. Our test is here.

Discover the bridge bought by Spirits


In a more calm and comfortable style, Journey You can quickly become your favorite afternoon companion. In this title, you play as a desert nomad in search of the truth of a lost civilization. To do this, you need to survey the sand dunes and hills, face the storms and use your magic to reveal the secrets of the desert. As relaxing as it is beautiful, it is a spellbinding experience that reaches you.

Discovery Journey

It takes two

This was probably our 2021 game and we can warmly recommend it. It takes two A two-player action-adventure game where you and your partner play as May and Cody, a couple on the verge of divorce. But thanks to their daughter, and a little magic, the two heroes find themselves trapped in the doll body of their image, and have to solve their problems to become themselves again.

More than an adventure It takes two An experience that will immerse you in the heart of universal and timeless problems, gently and with lots of humor. It’s also a tribute to video games in general, as the title explores many game genres and sometimes forces you to rediscover hidden treasures from your childhood. In dreams, memories and imagination, this game will definitely not leave you indifferent and it is suitable for all listeners, even children.

Discovery takes two

A few more suggestions

On the PS4 and PS5, you can of course find many more titles accessible to brand newcomers and in completely different registers. We can quote you as an example Abju Or Tomb Rider For a greater dose of adventure and action. If you are an experienced gamer and you have other games to share, don’t hesitate to use the comments section to help especially those who need it the most.

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