Minalogic and Visiativ Announce Partnership for Innovation and Transformation of Digital Business

Minalgic, a digital technology competitive cluster in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and a digital conversion and innovation specialist for Visiativ, SMEs and ETIs, announced in early May a strategic partnership aimed at contributing to the development and growth of digital. Business in the region.


Created in 2005, Minalogic is a competitive cluster for digital technology in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Founded on three sites in Grenoble, Lyon and Saint-Etienne, it leads a unique ecosystem of about 500 members, with more than 430 companies covering the entire digital value chain, universities and research institutions, local communities and investors.

Its purpose is to accelerate the targeted relationship between these players in France, Europe and internationally and to enhance their innovation and business ventures. Each year, it launches more than 1,500 innovation and business support activities for its members. Since 2005, 740 projects have been labeled and financed with 950 million euros in public subsidies, with over 2.3 billion euros for R&D investments.


Created in 1987, VISATIVE currently has more than 1,100 employees in France and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, USA, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, UK and Switzerland).

The company aims to make digital transformation a performance lever for the company. The Visiativ Innovation platform allows SMEs and ETIs to identify their key performance levers, co-build a digital transformation roadmap accordingly, establish proven solutions and learn how to share their experiences and those with their peers. Visiativ offers a unique and innovative approach based on three pillars: consultation (advice and support), involvement (solution and deployment) and connection (community for discussion and sharing).

Over 35 years of experience with over 21,000 SMEs and ETI customers enabled it to achieve a turnover of 214 M গত last year.

Minalogic-visceral partnership

These two key players in the regional economy want to strengthen their relationship in three areas of diptech innovation: artificial intelligence, big data and cyber security.

This partnership will allow players from both ecosystems to access technological bricks, digital skills and financing to enrich their offerings and accelerate their growth in France, Europe and internationally in the Avergne Rh -ne-Alpes region.

The company’s digital transformation support

Antoine Camus, Director of Operations at Visiativ Managed Services Subsidiary, will join the Antoine Camus’Minalogic Division team as Director of Cyber ​​Security. The goal will be to animate the cybersecurity theme within Minalgic with two complementary elements in the services of cluster companies:

  • Support for technological innovation
  • Anticipation and management of cyber security risks.

On the other hand, Visiativ will offer several of its offers to the Minalic members community, and in particular:

  • The Center for Innovation and Transformation for Future Industry, SWARM, is based on the Digital Zone campus, of which Visiativ is one of the founding partners. SWARM is an accelerator, innovative, sustainable and responsible for innovation, transformation, training in the service of the future industry;
  • Support for funding for innovation through its affiliate ABGi;
  • The business of the future community of leaders, which works for the digital transformation of companies, is a place of sharing, learning, exchange, collaboration for leaders in the digital neighborhood.

Visiativ CEO Laurent Feard assures:

“We are delighted to initiate and develop projects of common interest to strengthen our relationship with Minalgic, focusing on issues related to digital technology to benefit both ecosystems and the wider regional ecosystem. Innovative and winning companies create innovative and winning regions.”

General Delegate Jean-Eric Meshalet of the Minalgic Competitiveness Cluster announced:

“This partnership with Visiativ is fully aligned with the Minalgic Cluster’s roadmap: to be a digital hub of excellence in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, to support growth through innovation and to animate a dynamic and engaged community. Will allow companies to benefit from, which is essential for efficient digital transformation of companies.

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