Satellite to detect wild deposits at Val-d’Oise

Since the beginning of May 2022, the satellites have been responsible for tracking wild dumps and landfills in the Val-Dois region. (©disitec)

It’s one New weapons In the war against Wild deposit And the environmental but economic catastrophe that they arose Good d’Oise. Images taken from space to show the presence of piles of garbage and their evolution.

With more than 200 illegal deposit points identified in our region, the Divisional Council and the Val-d’Oise Numérique Union have decided to conduct a unique test in France as part of an overall plan to prevent and combat this period. 2022-2027.

“An identification, management and monitoring tool”

Since the beginning of May, satellites have been responsible for tracking illegal dumps and illegal dumps on the terrain. Valdois start-up is a project led by Disaitek.

Based on Fontenay-en-Parisis, the company, which has significantly participated in exoplanet detection with NASA, has developed an innovative device based on artificial intelligence to capture images and, above all, image analysis, at very high resolution, fortnightly. Is recorded. Satellite

Algorithms make it possible to detect the presence of illegal landfills within fifty centimeters, sometimes in places unknown to the authorities because they are very isolated or hidden by the vegetation around them, but can also determine their size and their evolution over several weeks. .

Data that will allow these invalid dumps to take action before they become too large

Pollution intervention

“The purpose is to see how they evolve, to operate and intervene until they are reasonably sized,” explained Rachid Adda, general manager of Val-d’Oise Numeric, explaining that it is a “detection, management and monitoring”. Tools, especially to ensure that deposits are not returned after deputation operations.

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All of these elements will thus allow an overview of municipalities, inter-municipalities and law enforcement, gender and police, to identify and understand the evolution of depots and landfills. resorption and approval.

“An innovation that will allow us to make the right decisions”

If the other two inter-municipalities are soon concerned with satellite passages over the Pierre-Besancourt forest, for now, the test is run only on the inter-municipality kernel Pace-de-France for an amount of 40 000 euros.

“Villiers-le-Sec, Mariel-en-France, Jagni-sus-Bois … many cities are affected by this disaster. Until now, we had no choice but to identify the police, elected officials, residents or walkers who warned us about the presence of wild garbage. A

Patrice RobinDivisional Counselor (DVD) and Community President of the Commune Colonel Pace-de-France

Considerable work and especially the location of these deposits makes it very difficult, often in crowded places and out of sight: “Forest entrance, grassland, undergrowth”, the departmental councilor lists.

Environmental risk

In addition to detecting this waste, the elected official underlined that this “interesting innovation will allow us to make the right decisions, manage the stock of wild deposits installed in our area and work better on the steps taken”.

For now, interventions are prioritized according to environmental risks. “When you have asbestos or hydrocarbons in this waste, even if it represents 2 or 3% of the total mass, when it rains, the flow of water causes soil pollution. This forces us to react more quickly. A

Once the site is clean and contaminated, barriers can be put in place to prevent the installation of devices, such as criminals, from accessing the area.

There are also plans to install mobile cameras to identify perpetrators of illegal dumping, which are rarely caught under the law, despite numerous measures taken by the police.

The right shape

– 200 invalid deposit points at Val-d’Oise
– 14 million euros, the cost of cleaning them
– 1.3 million euros, the cost of cleaning the section road
– 100,000 Euros have been invested in the project


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