Société d’Etudes Millavoises presents “Hair Crown”, Foyas

Société d’Etudes Millavoises presents the section “Seasonal recipes and customs of our city”: Tasting without restraint: “The crown of hair”, Foyas.

L.May 6 is an annual fair A popular event deeply rooted in the memory of Milavoice. It lasted for more than six hundred years, a place where not only the people of Milau were once found, but also those looking for work for the summer season, such as shepherds, who forgot about popular fairs and rented their own farms. Cattle

First, the sun or the rain? To find the answer, Saint-Africans need to know how much time they had for their fair on May 4. Effective, If it had rained in St.-Africa, Milwaukee smiled because good weather was guaranteed on May 6th ! And vice versa, soup with grimes due to bad weather in Milau.

Memories of the past reappear for the former residents of Milavos who have left an unforgettable memory of this fair, an attraction far beyond what we know today. First of all, who doesn’t remember the words flown by many street vendors who, equipped with their only glimpse, had the art of taking bladders for you lanterns!

Let’s take another look at “The May 6 Fair”, by Mr. Leon Rocks, (article published in Avargante de Paris, June 1932).

In the past – it seems the same today – an unusual activity reigned in Milau from the first day of May. On the first Tuesday and Friday of the month, housewives flock to the market in front of the basket filled with eggs from the surrounding countryside and farms. It wasn’t just with bread, Bolt and dice taukado That these same unemployed came out of the unemployed; They also had large packets of flour in their hands and much more powdered sugar than usual from the grocery store. Because milk contains flour, eggs and sugar which are good foss ingredients.

On May 6th, the day of the Great Fair, Larne had much more and more fossa than was in Milwaukee at Gargantua, and you will need a big “quaro” to remove the foie gras because the foie gras is for Milavois. ” Heavenly flesh Master Alcofribus would say again.

It means that relatives and friends will come from all the surrounding villages, even remote villages. Millavois want to treat them and fouace a real treat!

Jean Russell said

Lighter flicker peddler : “Come on gentleman, buy the small cartridge here with 75% ferrousium of Auer lighter flint, you will be cool for years. . . Aside from using just a few stones, lucky buyers have discovered that other stones are just a small part of the bicycle’s spokes. “

Perfume Dealer : “For you women, here is the fragrance of eternal love, for your men and your lovers: here is the street vendor, with his fragrant cork in hand, walking under the delicate nose of these women who could not resist spending for a long time!”

But very quickly these women discovered the deception! The bottle actually contained only vaguely fragrant water. Later, a showman spoke to the crowd: “This is not the first time in Milan, Borneo’s barbarians ! Come in, come in, you won’t regret it! Inside, a young man with dark, random copper was eating bloody raw liver! For the fall, we mention that “The Savage of Borneo” was none other than Hawker’s son and he went to Paul Bart School!

“Hair Crown”: 6 May Mela Foys

The third day of May … to see Tata Virginia, everyone is lost, one realizes that something is bothering her. At the Place de la Capella, the merry-go-rounds made their delicate roof, and Virginia knew it would be fair in three days. He knew that all the relatives of Levzo from grandfather to junior would not fail to go to Milau to fill their stomachs. He doesn’t think he’s mistaken in thinking that they shouldn’t be invited to St.-Africa, but to satisfy them with a good train and to quench their thirst, ending the fuss with a big wheel that will soak them in the cream.

Virginie shook her head and said to herself: I have to start the day before the cake can rise and we have time to put it in the oven soon! But he knew very well how, from grandmother to daughter and from aunt to niece, Milau always prepared fuses for May 6th.

In a salad bowl mix half a kilo of flour, half a quarter of softened butter, three eggs and a pinch of salt, one teaspoon of yeast dissolved in three fingers of milk. To taste it, two or three teaspoons of orange flower water. When buttering, add a little more milk and leave to rest overnight in a flour towel or in a small basket.

Here, Tata Virginia laughed. At the time, it was said that Tabarde de Crisels, a fat woman of two quintals (old weight measuring 50 kg) was sitting at her orthodox table to enhance her cakes better.

The next morning, place a crown of flour on a thick oiled paper. Ah! Be sure to coat with egg so that it takes on a nice golden color. And now, in the quick oven!

Aunt Virginie’s reflection ended with a beautiful smile: Like every year, this time, it is certain that her cake will be the most beautiful of the whole batch.

  • 500 grams of flour
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 100 grams of butter 3 tablespoons of orange flower water
  • 3 eggs 1 pinch salt
  • 1 tablespoon sour

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