The woman’s fear was that she would lose forever the child she had raised in her father’s custody after receiving a job offer from her father.

A woman knew the struggles of foster care very well when she received a call for a newborn baby who needed constant care and support. He immediately agreed, not knowing what the future held for him and the little one.

It is never easy to accept someone in your life and in your heart. The dynamics of love may be beyond definition and comprehension, but it allows us to see the world in a new light.

Sometimes life gives us the most interesting and meaningful experience in the most unexpected way. It happened to a woman who did not know what to say when she greeted a child.

A certified foster parent

Julie Long and her family had been involved in foster care for eight years when she received a new phone call. There was nothing new in this process, as Julie Long was accustomed to taking children, caring for them and letting them go.

The call was for a newborn baby boy, Braille, who needed someone to look after her while her biological father was trying to take full care of her.

It was terrifying for the man to retreat in the middle of the custody battle and to appear in court to fight for his son, and he needed a reliable person with whom he could leave Brazil.

There can be no assurance, promise or confirmation of how long a temporary settlement will last, which is the most painful thing.

Welcome to Braille

Luckily, Long seemed to be the perfect candidate for the role, and he couldn’t be happier. He immediately agreed and adopted Braille as his adopted son. But she did not know at the time how much this experience would change her life.

As a foster mother, the most difficult part for Mrs. Long was to be emotionally attached to the children and not know how to say goodbye to them.

Farewell is the hardest

She shares her struggles as a foster parent in an exclusive interview with LoveWatMatters. He further revealed:

“The hardest part is saying goodbye – without hesitation. Every time I go through the mourning process. I feel like the little pieces of my heart are spinning and they have no idea. All of our adopted children were under 4 years old, so most of them don’t remember us. . “

In a Facebook post, Val, North Carolina’s foster mother, explained how she felt when she said goodbye to her foster children. He described how people often wondered what he was doing to let go so that the farewell process would not hurt him. He added:

“You just do it. Then you cry. You hold them when they need you. You feed them. You play with them, you love them. Adopted babies come and go. They need the same thing as any baby. You You can’t open them. “

Little Braille love

Presumably, Long invests emotionally in taking care of Braille, and the handsome man appreciates her presence and his love. However, part of him knew he would have to say goodbye one day, no matter how much it hurt.

In an Instagram post, Long shared how he was the only person Braille knew for the first six months of his life and that he knew he would have to drive her out one day.

An unexpected turning point

But instead of worrying about the future, the North Carolina foster mother focused on her present and established a healthy relationship with the biological father of Braille. He was fluent in Spanish, and didn’t know Long, but he tried to keep things afloat.

Fortunately, it worked. Long published:

But a few months later his father [de Braelyn] He asked me if I could babysit Braille while working full time. So of course I said yes !!!! This #babyboy has come back to me in a way I never imagined. Two years later, I still have it and I’m very happy about it. “

“Mama Julie”

Having Brailin in his life means Long can see him grow up and reach big milestones. She said she was extremely grateful to her father for letting her be a part of her life. Long also shared:

“She is [Braelyn] My name is Mama Julie, whom I love. I’m not her mother, but I’m like her mother. He knows only his mother. I would love to be part of it all. She tells me to kiss her and hug her. “

By establishing a relationship with Braille’s biological father, Long was able to live her life, but a part of her was still afraid of the day when she would have to say goodbye to the boy who meant the world to her.

A rich experience

Long revealed her deep-rooted fears as a foster mother in another Instagram post. He mentioned:

“I still sometimes think of the day when I will no longer be needed as a babysitter. It will be very difficult again. But in the meantime, I will be her Mama Julie and I will love her like a mother.”

Nevertheless, Mrs. Long said that the pastoral appointment proved to be an exciting experience for her and her family, and she was delighted to have the opportunity to get to know Braille and be a part of her life.

Welcome difficulty

Long’s experience as a foster parent touches on a relevant issue: being a foster parent is not easy at all. There can be no assurance, commitment or confirmation of the duration of a temporary establishment, which is the most painful.

Almost all foster parents have to endure the pain of being separated from their children at one time or another and only they know how emotionally drained the process can be. With painful hearts and teary eyes, they embrace the deaf silence that accompanies reunion.

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