Airbus LISA will continue to develop gravitational wave observation missions

The launch of a constellation of three spacecraft planned for the late 2030s

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Airbus has won a contract from the European Space Agency (ESA) to implement LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna), one of the most ambitious science missions planned by ESA so far. Day (Day or day is the break that separates sunrise from sunset; it is …). The Stage (The word phase can have different meanings, it is used in different cases and …) B1 is now underway, with detailed mission design and final technology development activities for the Gravitational Wave Observatory expected to be completed by 2024, scheduled for launch in the late 2030s.

Gravitational waves were first estimated by Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein (born March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Wটেrttemberg, and died …). Distortion of theseSpace time (The concept of space-time was introduced and adopted in the early 1900s …)When created, for example, supermassive black holes – billions of times heavier than us The sun (The Sun (Sol in Latin, Helios or Ήλιος in Greek) is the star …) – Assemble. These phenomena are so powerful that the resulting gravitational waves can be measured by sensors measuring billions of light years away.

To measure these waves, LISA consists of three spaceships that form one Triangle (In Euclidean geometry, a triangle is a plane, consisting of three points …) Deep equator in space, 2.5 million Kilometers (Meter (symbol m, from Greek metron, measure) is the basic unit of system length …) Another gravitational wave expands and compresses the spacetime, causing the smallest change in distance between the LISA probes (less than Diameter (In a circle or a sphere, diameter is the part of a line that passes through the center …) An atom). When all the movements of the free-fall test mass inside the three spacecraft a Gravitational waves (Gravitational waves in terms of general relativity are …) Passes can be detected by sensitive spacecraft instruments. LISA will do this using lasers that transmit continuously Satellite (Satellite may specify 🙂 UsesInterferometry (Interferometry is a measurement method that utilizes the interventions that occur in it …)Measure the distance between each of the test masses.

Some of the key technologies required for LISA have been successfully tested in space by the LISA Pathfinder (LPF) mission. Advanced (In geometry, the evolution of a plane curve is the position of its centers …) And built by Aircraft (Airbus is a European aircraft manufacturer and also a major player …) As the chief. The results of the mission show that the LPF has performed more accurately than required for LISA. LPF was launched on December 3, 2015 and ended in July 2017.

Gravitational waves are a new method Research (Scientific research mentions in the first place that all actions are taken …) Those who use Gravity (Gravity is one of the four basic interactions in physics.) Instead The light (Light is a set of visible electromagnetic waves …) To measure the dynamic processThe world (The universe is the sum of all that exists and the laws that govern it.). The study of gravitational waves offers enormous potential for discovering parts of the universe that would otherwise be invisible. LISA will greatly expand our knowledge of the origin, evolution, and structure of our universe. Gravitational waves have been detected by ground-based observatories in recent years – such as by experiments LIGO (LIGO (a project for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) …) And European virgin observatories – but these advantages are limited in size and sensitivity, meaning they are only able to detect high gravitational waves. Frequency (In physics, frequency usually refers to the measurement of a bar number …) From specific sources. Source (e.g. Consolidation (In physics and metallurgy, fusion is the transformation of a body from a solid state …) From the black hole Mass (The term admission is used to determine two quantities connected by one …) Stellar (Stellaria is an annual or perennial herb, chickweed, …) And neutron stars).

Artist impressions of three LISA satellites – Copyright Airbus


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