Emirates News Agency – UAE delegation presents national vision through dialogue and agreement at World Economic Forum

Davos, May 24, 2022 (WAM) – The official delegation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the World Economic Forum “Davos 2022” highlighted the tireless and relentless efforts of the UAE in various fields. The announcement of new initiatives and agreements to further strengthen cooperation with WEF in the field of 4RI and future business models to better support global start-ups, start-ups and better prepare for the future digital economy.

For his part in supporting global trade, the Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zayudi, said in a speech during his participation in the “Closing the Trade Finance Gap” session that the UAE wants to drive global economic growth in a new direction. He said the UAE is committed to promoting world trade and supporting efforts to bridge the financing gap in trade and exports, and to drive innovation and growth in the digital economy. Dr. Al-Jeudi added that the UAE wants to create new opportunities based on modern technology to advance the overall process of global development and improve the lives of people and communities.

Dr Al-Jeudi noted the UAE government’s adoption of an ambitious strategy that would allow it to strengthen its foreign trade in line with rapid global change to meet the demands of the next stage of the development process. It has strengthened the country’s goals and position in the future labor market to improve the competitiveness of the national economy and establish the country’s leadership in trade.

Improving food security During her participation in the session on “Avoiding a Global Food Crisis”, Minister for Climate Change and Environment Maryam Almeiri said the UAE government is committed to supporting international efforts to strengthen global food security and adopt healthy and sustainable food measures. Development goals and the fight against global hunger, ensuring that the present and future needs of society are met.

Almeiri said rapid change in the world requires strengthening international cooperation and global partnerships and coordinating efforts to improve food security and avoid food crises that affect everyone. He added that the need of the hour was to adopt broad concepts and practices of sustainability and to share successful experiences and experiences between government, state and private sectors, in terms of innovative solutions and effective delivery of new food sources on a modern basis. Technology to ensure that the needs of present and future generations are met.

Strengthening Participation in Scientific Research During her participation in a dialogue session titled “Protecting Global Scientific Cooperation”, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technologies and President of the UAE Council of Scientists Sarah Bint Youssef Al Amiri highlighted the positive impact of scientific research on society. And the commitment of the UAE government to strengthen constructive global cooperation.

He underlined that the UAE plays a key role in this sector and represents the achievements of the UAE Council of Scientists, providing scientific advice to institutions and decision-making centers in the UAE.

He emphasized the importance of constructive cooperation in sharing scientific research results and products, contributing to the development of solutions to current and future challenges, and highlighting the UAE’s role in sharing data from Mars. ” Mission with more than 200 scientific institutes and research centers around the world.

The Markets of Tomorrow Initiative Forum has also seen the UAE government launch tomorrow’s market initiatives in partnership with the World Economic Forum. The initiative aims to develop new business accelerators that will prepare the UAE national economy to take on business activities with a focus on the new economy and improve its readiness to enter tomorrow’s market using the latest technological means.

The initiative is part of a broader strategic partnership agreement between the UAE Ministry of Economy and the Center for New Economy and Society of the World Economic Forum. The agreement was signed by Economy Minister Abdullah bin Touk Al Mari and Sadia Zahidi, managing director of the World Economic Forum.

The “Tomorrow’s Market” initiative focuses on launching new accelerators within the UAE government and identifying them to support new UAE business models, increasing the role of startups in the national economy, enabling them to prepare for future digital and technological work. . Will be part of the post-oil economy, to develop a new vision that will be the most important axis of the market designers alliance, support cooperation and integration between government and the private sector and shape future markets.

Al-Marri said that the UAE is entering a new era of development and sustainable progress with a clear vision and integrated strategy, to provide tools and procedures for adopting and initiating business activities based on new economic concepts and practices. Up from regional and international markets, especially those who focus on innovation, knowledge and modern technology. He added that the country is committed to encouraging businesses to stay in the UAE, reflecting a pillar-based new economic model that rooted business entrepreneurial thinking and provided solutions, learning opportunities and incentives.

4IR AGREEMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION The UAE government has announced the signing of an agreement with the World Economic Forum on the development of applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in the presence of the Minister of State for Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy. And Jeremy Jগrgens, managing director and head of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Omar bin Sultan Al Ulama, deputy managing director of the Dubai Future Foundation, a distant work application.

Al-Olama emphasized that the strategic partnership between the UAE government and the World Economic Forum aims to serve the community by using artificial intelligence, blockchain and various technologies of the future, and sharing experiences and innovative practices. New ideas and projects that accelerate the process of scientific, technological and cognitive progress.

The forum, which is expected to host more than 2,500 leaders and delegates, including heads of state, business leaders, investors and international policymakers, coincides with global geopolitical and economic developments that pose a serious challenge to global growth. Has done. Supply chain. The forum aims to strengthen international efforts to build understanding and common ground to overcome the current situation.

Translator: Marwat Mahmood.


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