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Game by Katherine Lager (Princess) Was presented at La Liquorne in April 2017, a few months before Weinstein’s relationship broke down, one of the highlights of the #MeToo movement, Baby sitter Returning to the big screen again under the direction of Monia Chokri (My brother’s wife)

“I wanted to adapt to the play because it made me think and asked me more questions than answers,” said the director, whom we met a few hours before the Cannes Film Festival, where he sat on the short film jury and was with him. Falcon Lake, Charlotte Lee Forest’s first feature film. I wanted to offer it to people because we are ready to think. Suddenly, Katherine, who is not a Manichaean, came up with all her intelligence, asking questions that made us think. All characters have gray areas; None is right or wrong. A

Baby sitterCedric (Patrick Heaven), an outstanding engineer who, after drinking too much beer with his friends, kisses a journalist (Ève Duranceau) live on television.

“Cedric enters her bubble, but it’s not sexual, Judge Patrick Heaven. It’s a little lip to cheek, not to the face. C দেখdric grows up in a professional world where boys have money and power. He’s a man who never questioned himself too much in life.

Within hours, the clip went viral and generated a lot of comments on social networks. Some congratulate the man for his gestures; Others condemn him. Some blame the woman for rejecting this gesture; Others congratulated him on his bravery.

“Social networks have changed everything, actors continue. It’s like Salem witch. It will even sometimes find cruelty in us. At the same time, there have been many shootings in the judiciary, many women who should have been heard, many victims who have been cheated. We live in a fun age … “

Now unemployed, Cedric finds himself a father at home when his wife, Nadine (Monia Chokri), suffers from postpartum depression, telling him she is returning to work. With the help of his brother Jean-Michel (Steve Laplante, who took on the role he created on stage), a good journalist, he started writing. Sexist story To apologize for all the reprehensible acts committed by men against women.

It doesn’t exist, a female character in her twenties, blonde like wheat; In life and in movies, he is there to serve the aspirations of others and his words are of little importance to us. Gradually, we discover that he is the possessor of that power, a beneficial force.

“Cedric is not necessarily a bad guy,” said Katherine Lager, who wrote the screenplay Baby sitter. He is not hateful. He will say it is just one PrankBut it’s at a time when “just one Prank“It doesn’t work anymore. For me, Jean-Michel is more problematic than Cedric. He portrayed the Savior, a character who fascinates me. If there’s a knight, that means he wants a princess. When you don’t want to be a princess, you Disbelievers of the Savior and the Knights. That was my passion at the heart of this project. “

And God created Amy

And Baby sitter All that? Crossing between Mary Poppins and Brigitte Bardot, Amy (Nadia Tereskiwich) comes to Cedric and Nadine in roller skates. Young women with unrestricted sexuality deal with them with their own prejudices and reflect their paternity, abuse and gender formation.

The screenwriter explains, “There is a lot of fantasy around the woman who helps, who is at the service of others – the nurse, the nanny, the secretary … – and there is a lot of fantasy around the winning man,” the screenwriter explained. Charlotte has fun, By Sophie Lorain. And there, we arrive with a character Baby sitter Very front and very straight. It’s as if all of a sudden, the fantasy is active and not passive. It makes everyone unstable; This is what I wanted to play. A

“It doesn’t exist, a female character of the twenties, blonde like wheat,” the director added; In life and in movies, he is there to serve the aspirations of others and his words are of little importance to us. Gradually, we discover that he is the possessor of that power, a beneficial force. The film deals with the relationship of domination; The main premise of #MeToo and the problems in our society is that we no longer accept these reports. Imagining a power restructuring power where people are responsible for the development of others, I see that it is imaginary Baby sitter. A

With an aesthetic memoir of Just Jacqueline’s 1970s production (Emanuel, History of O.) And David Hamilton (Bilitis(With a touch of Italian horror movie with Argento sauce)Susperia), Baby sitterAdults immerse us in stories where wolves are sometimes more endangered than little red riding hoods, where princesses can turn into witches, where genres are wonderfully constructed.

“At first, I wanted to destabilize myself as a designer,” says Mania Chokri. “When I create a work, the question I ask myself is what is the most fair way to tell a story. That seemed to be enough to support the theme of the drama. I took genre codes, horror, giello, erotic movie codes, codes that harass women, that offend them and that make them childish, to divert them into comedy. “

“Both drama and screenplay were more classic comedy; Mania has come up with a completely explosive fantasy and turned it into a darker comedy. It’s probably more conflicting than the theater, but it’s a proposal that strikes me as interesting and probably more consistent with our times. We’re not talking about #MeToo directly, but the response is even more violent, “said Katherine Lager.

Baby sitter June 3 hits theaters across Quebec.

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