Johnny Depp – Amber Hard Trial: What to Remember After Six Weeks of Controversy

This is the case of the year in the United States. It will mark the country as Oz Simpson’s trial took place in his time and has been live in front of the eyes of millions of Americans since the camera was installed in the courtroom, Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Hard.

This Friday, May 27, Lawyers will have to present their concluding argument, Which will mark the end of six weeks of testimony, tears and glamor unpacking. This case already has a remarkable aspect because it is a two-in-one trial. We’ve always talked about the defamation suit against Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Hard, but in fact she also counter-attacked for defamation. Seven judges have to render themselves Two contemporary judgments, in two cases. After six weeks of hearings, we wish them well because all of this is not easy to resolve.

Johnny Depp sues his ex-wife for defamation after Amber Hard published an extremely serious editorial The Washington Post. Editorial where he describes himself as a “victim of domestic violence”, but without naming the actor. After becoming an actress, she is suing her ex-husband The press called him a liar.

Two cases, but one judge, only one jury কিভাবে how is that possible?

The judge divided the time between testimonials for each camp. A little incredible, but his was Everyone was given 61 hours and 15 minutes to defend their position, And it was religiously calculated day by day. The six weeks of the hearing are very long, very intense, and the parties have really gone hand in hand.

Amber Hard’s last words on Thursday were, with tears in her eyes, reassuring the judges that she wanted to put the case behind her, and that she wanted Johnny to leave her alone. Despite this, the actress said that she has filed these cases Harassment of her ex-husband’s fans despite death threats Almost every day, it seems that he has no interest in this legal activity.

But not because he had the last word he believed the most. Camille Vasquez, a lawyer for Johnny Depp, was strong. His goal was to completely discredit Amber Hard. Between her sharp questions and her dismissal tone in front of the actress’ answers, she clearly earned points. Star witnesses, such as former model Kate Moss, have denied some of the claims made by the actress.

What a madman that isThe two plaintiffs have almost the same allegations and tactics : Everyone believes they have been physically abused by others, everyone denies abusing others, everyone gives evidence of abuse, everyone believes defamation has affected their careers. Johnny Depp confirmed that because of this editorial, two days later Disney announced that it was no longer working with him Caribbean pirates. Amber Hard thinks her role in Aquaman 2 has been cut because of this lawsuit.

Glucas and disgusting details

The plaintiffs are both actors, above all. We were surprised that sometimes a jury of seven was not impressed to watch a Netflix series live because the two actors offered the public a great unpack of one of the worst moments of their relationship.

Thanks to the recordings made by both of them during their relationship, we have heard and seen Johnny Depp is almost dead drunk, intoxicated. We heard Amber Hard is brutally insulting and humiliating her then husband. No horrific details were spared: The actress claimed that the actor not only hit her several times, but also sexually abused her with a bottle. The jury must have understood that there was a relationship between the two actors Extremely toxic.

A highly publicized trial

These details of their personal lives were open to the eyes of millions of Americans who were able to follow the trial live, thanks to cameras in the courtroom. In the middle of the trial, the TV station broadcasting the trial, Law and Crime, announced that it was 330 million visitors. A record!

After all, it’s not just television. What matters most is the social networks, which have broadened the media level of this already extraordinary trial. Studies have shown that in Ukraine, more than war, more than epidemics, more than the threat of abortion cancellation, In recent weeks, the lawsuit has been dominated by netizens. Johnny Depp fans have created the hashtag “Justice for Johnny” or the hashtag “On Ne t’aime pas Amber”, which has generated incredible traffic. Although Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter is a major economic and influential issue, Google has searched four times more for the name “Amber Hard” than Elon Musk. The canvas burns a few days ago, even imagining a relationship between Johnny Depp and his lawyer. The fascination is extreme.

Social media favorite Johnny Depp

On the internet, fans of the actor have heard and supported everything. Even in and around the courtroom, there was overwhelming support for Johnny Depp. As he entered through a small door at the back of the court, the public looked for a glimpse of him and scolded him as soon as Amber Hard appeared. We’ve also seen some interesting things in court in recent weeks: One woman even brought two lamas that could send a good vibe to the comedian. A real circus.

Theoretically, this would not affect the judges. The judge warned the jury that they had not done so Reading about the case is not allowed, Or not to discuss it with others. But of course, it would be a bit crazy if they could isolate themselves so much. Now, what happens in a court is very different from a media court. We should not forget that the actor has already lost the first similar case in Great Britain.

Why start this procedure?

Johnny Depp certainly knew it would be so disgusting, but he sued anyway for reasons we don’t know. We can only guess, but we imagine that he wanted Restoring self-esteem At least and maybe Restart his careerBut that’s the gist of it: there have been many ghosts from the past who have testified against him in recent weeks and painted a portrait of him in contrast to the great, beautiful, funny man he created.

The bet is different for Amber Hard, he seems to understand that His career will not be the same as before. Did he realize too late? Listening to her, she especially wants to put an end to the harassment.

And finally out of that, what really matters is a risk Very negative impact on victims of domestic violence. Amber mocks Hard, belittles his testimony, and even tramples him down, inevitably disrespecting the victim as a whole.

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