Jubilee case. What is the husband’s psychological skills, Cedric reveals

Who is Cedric Jubiler, husband of Delphine Jubilee, suspected of killing his missing wife in Tarn’s Kagnak-les-Mines since December 2020? A psychological skill was developed by 2021 to better understand the personality of the 34-year-old artisan and was added to the investigation file a month earlier, in April 2022.

Cannabis addiction

Our newspaper colleagues Parisian And those France information Was able to consult with this skill.

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Having held the pre-trial for almost a year, Cedric Jubilee released himself twice, in July and October 2021, to a psychiatrist. He specifically concealed his past and the conditions of his detention. During his first interview, Cedric Jubilee declared his innocence and confirmed that he was “Did nothing”. After being taken into custody just a few weeks ago, the artisan charged the guards “I want to push him to commit suicide.”Report France information.

He also talked about his addiction to cannabis and his withdrawal from prison. He then projects himself into a possible release under judicial control and then assures the expert that he will not answer the next summons, as he may go to another department. “If I’m a murderer, it’s better to leave my turn.”He blurts out to the relay doctor by an annoying formula Parisian.

A photo taken on January 18, 2022, near Cognac-les-Mines shows a French Gendarmerie van near the site where a search was conducted to find the body of Delphine Jubilee. | Fred Scheiber / AFP

He never mentions his wife’s name

During his second interview, in October 2021, Cedric Jubiler stated that he could no longer tolerate being kept in an isolated unit, and revealed a disturbing new formula mentioned by a psychiatrist: “I am a rapist, a kidnapper, not a homosexual… I am a criminal like everyone else. A However, the man accused of killing his wife has repeatedly said that he is “Innocent”That “Gendermass Evidence Disguised” And it is considered “Like the perfect criminal”.

When he talks about his relationship with Delphine Jubilee, the psychiatrist notes that he never mentions his wife’s name. He described his couple’s separation and frequent quarrels. He further explained that Delphine used to tell him “She couldn’t take it anymore.” And will gradually abandon her role and her responsibilities as a mother, Riley Parisian.

Craftsmen also remember and recognize an episode of physical violence “She’s already had her shoulder in September.”. And since their couple’s situation has become so complicated, Cedric Jubilee thinks his wife “Name”Probably in Spain.

“Arrogant, sometimes arrogant”

In his conclusion, the psychiatrist appointed by the judges described a person “Very confident about himself, arrogant, sometimes arrogant, never restless, always answers great questions. He appears in every interview quite stimulating, very present, in repertoire. He has a high opinion of himself.”.

Expert Cedric Jubiler’s childhood is also highlighted: “Unconditional love” That she brings to her mother, the violence of her stepfather and her placement in a foster home when she was a teenager where she explains that she became “A real criminal”.

Regarding Jubilee’s relationship, the 30-year-old did not disclose ‘No guilt’ And “Don’t understand why he was involved.”.

In the event that Cedric would be the author of Jubilee’s murder, the psychiatrist tried to give an explanation for a possible performance. “It has to do with her personality, her need for control and control, with feelings of failure that are hard to describe in terms of the emotional scars left by her own history. Meetings can be unbearable, the end of a family life that he holds for a long time, perhaps a moment of personal collapse.By Riley according to his comments Parisian.

Cédric Jubillar’s deposit expires on June 18 Therefore, he cannot remain in the pre-trial jail without a debate before the independence judge. According to Information from France, Cedric Jubiler should be summoned before a judge in early June. His lawyers will again demand the release of their client.

Jubilee case. What is the husband’s psychological skills, Cedric reveals

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