Look back to European AI Week 2022

The second edition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Week, hosted by its partners, including AI4Belgium (SPF BOSA) and DigitalWallonia4.ai, was held from March 14 to 18, 2022. A unique opportunity to understand everything about the technology and uses of AI

AI week in short

European AI Week took place on Monday 14 March to Friday 18 March, 2022:

  • Inspirational discussions,
  • Workshop,
  • New insights from research,
  • New publications,
  • Civil debate.

Organized by AI4Belgium and its many partners this week, participants had the opportunity to discover fascinating perspectives on artificial intelligence in the world.

99 events were organized on multiple themes: Health, justice, mobility, future of profession, education, public service etc. Find replays of events on the European AI Week 2022 YouTube page.

Among these events, one of the AI ​​providers aimed to integrate the ecosystem of AI companies to build bridges and discuss future perspectives.

Breakfast of AI experts. Build bridges and vision for the future

Written and courtesy by Sibyl Deschamps (Agoria).

More than 150 Walloon companies have already benefited from various DigitalWallonia4.ai schemes aimed at stimulating AI adoption in Wallonia. But these devices will be nothing more than AI experts who helped, advise and train these companies in their AI discovery and development of their first AI projects. On March 17, DigitalWallonia4.ai invited these experts to Microsoft to discuss their experiences and talk about the future.

For more than two years now, the AI ​​ecosystem in Wallonia has survived, continues and is developing Digital Wallonia4.

“Future Perspectives and Building Bridges with AI Experts” was the title of the event, which brought together about forty companies at the invitation of DigitalWallonia4.ai and hosted by Microsoft Belgium. As the name of the airport clearly indicates, the purpose of the event was twofold: to meet people, to build bridges, but also to see fascinating sights.

Bridge construction: Partners support the AI ​​sector

We have a large network of partners to stimulate the development of AI in our economy and to assist companies specialized in AI. But these are not always well-known.

So the six of them had a chance to present. Financial partners, partners in recruitment, training, international development, entrepreneurship or even research and development assistance. Thanks to the support they provide to entrepreneurs, these players can also contribute to the development of AI in Wallonia and Belgium.

If you are an IT company and you are looking for help in one of these fields, see the presentation of these 6 partners here.

Future Perspectives on AI: Quantum and Blockchain, two game changers

This meeting was an opportunity to go one step further. Myriam Brothers and Thomas Bernard, chief technology officer and technology strategist at Microsoft, explained in their welcome speeches: “Artificial intelligence is not a recent technology. However, and despite the ever-increasing rate of evolution, its potential for development is still huge. We realize this every day when we talk about, for example, an artificial intelligence like Siri …”

How to use AI today? And tomorrow? And how do you make it available to every person, every business, every organization? What Microsoft thinks about this.

As the keynote speaker at the event, Fujitsu’s Head of Global Solutions, Yves de Beureguard, presented his views on two technologies that, combined with AI, are capable of strengthening artificial intelligence: blockchain and quantum. To illustrate his point, he presented the use of concrete made by Fujitsu parties.

“Integrating AI with Quantum is extremely powerful because it makes it possible to combine reality (data) with extraordinary computing power.”. Yves de Beauregard explains that quantum (quantum computing) is a very different method of operation from traditional architecture and makes it possible to deal with the increasing complexity of calculations. “It’s not a laboratory technology. Quantum has very concrete applications, especially in the industry.”.

Take the example of a welding robot in the automotive sector. More and more, manufacturers are considering making different car models in the same factory to get closer to their customers. This requires the robot to be able to reprogram very quickly. Knowing that some robots are sometimes programmed to perform a hundred welds on the same model, one can imagine the complexity of the operation. This is the kind of problem that Quantum can solve.

Another example presented by the port of Hamburg, Yves de Beuregard: How would the port (located in the center of the city) have a global view of traffic across the best areas of traffic and thus reduce pollution? “Only quantum technology can do that,” said Yves de Beuregard.

“Today, most decision makers have reached a certain maturity in relation to the blockchain and understand its concrete impact.”. Regarding blockchain, Yves de Beuregard offers the case of our Rice Exchange, a digital platform for conducting global rice trade based on blockchain.

The rice market is highly fragmented, involving many players, with inspections at all levels and low levels of confidence. “A rice business represents 1000 emails sent and received in one week!” Yves explained. “With a platform that uses blockchain, we move up to 10 emails. It’s always like having a notary by your side to monitor and authenticate what you’re doing.”.

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Success in Belgium AI Week

This thematic week, with the help of Belgium’s AI ecosystem, with the help of regional and federal level, every citizen, with or without knowledge of AI, had the opportunity to discover the perspectives of artificial intelligence in Belgium.

Belgian AI Week has caused a lot of controversy with Belgian citizens, but not only that. The event took on an unexpected dimension, displaying curiosity and interest generated by artificial intelligence technology. The statistics shared by the organizers of AI4Belgium are impressive:

  • 56 AI sessions.
  • More than 8000 participants from more than 60 countries.
  • More than 70 hours of video are available on the AI4Belgium website.
  • 250,000 interactions on social networks.
  • More than 200 speakers have been assembled.

Details of Belgian AI Week 2021


  • Inspirational presentations,
  • Thematic and participatory workshops,
  • Announcement of new books and publication of study results,
  • Civil debate,
  • AI4 Belgium’s second anniversary,
  • European AI Day,
  • Etc.

Dedicated to AI The topics covered this week are varied: jJustice, health, mobility, media, future of profession, education, governance, public service, ethics, research, industry, productivity, science, Europe, technology and democracy.


Many 100% AI events have been set up by companies present throughout Belgium. All of them are free and distributed as webinars.

#BelgianAIWeek and DigitalWallonia4.ai

Digital Wallonia, event partners through the DigitalWallonia4.ai program.

Led by Agence du Numérique, Agoria, INFOPOLE Cluster TIC and AI4Belgium, the main objective of the DigitalWallonia4.ai program is to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in Wallonia and the development of its Walloon ecosystem.

This program was launched in July 2019. In addition to raising awareness and training initiatives, this includes strong initiatives to support companies willing to incorporate artificial intelligence into their business until the development of prototypes.

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