On Defimedia.info, Tele Plus and Radio Plus’ Airwaves – “Super Maman”: Valerie / Trupin Fly to Semifinals

The final qualifying round of the “Super Maman” game, hosted by Radio Plus in association with Appletiser on the occasion of Mother’s Day, took place on Thursday 26 May at Celeb Restaurant in Dudland, Bagatel. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law – Azira Jolie, 19, and Dolly Georgin, 50 – faced Beryl Trupin, 30, and Christian Valerie, 62. At the end of various events, Christian Valerie and his daughter-in-law Beryl Trupin won the event with 75 points. They went to the semifinals. From Friday 27th May to Sunday 29th May, you can follow this game live on Radio Plus, Defimedia.info and Radio Plus Facebook page and Télé Plus YouTube channel.

The decor of the “Super Maman” game was installed at the Celeb Restaurant in Dudland, Bagatel. Candidates enter the stage with a few dance steps.

Beryl Trupin and Christian Valerie won the game with 75 points.

On the one hand, Ajira Jolly, 19, is a nail technician. Her stepmother, Dolly Georgin, 50, is a housewife. Humor and giggles put an end to their relationship. As a mother and daughter, what binds the two women together is their love for Franco, also known as Big Frankie. Beryl Trupin, a 30-year-old magician, and his mother-in-law Christian Valerie, a 62-year-old psychotherapist, have known each other for many years. They share a natural bond.

The game was launched in the first stage, seven questions test their general knowledge. Candidates had to imitate Bani Hopp to give Brandon the correct answer. Beryl Trupin was the fastest to give several correct answers in a row.

The tune that set after this first round was a challenge in the second round. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are sitting face to face, blindfolded. The daughters-in-law were asked to apply lipstick on their mother-in-law within a certain period of time. After a lot of laughter, Ajira Jolie applied the best lipstick. The contestants were judged by a representative of Anchor Life.

The second challenge, the “lottery vert”, was a game of luck and chance. Daughters-in-law had to give a number between 1 and 28 and their mother-in-law, blindfolded, had three chances to remove this same number from a box. Fortune favored Beryl Trupin and Christian Valerie.

New laughter session for the couple. This time, the next one had to reproduce a specific action pulled by the lot. Christian Valerie had to imitate a ferocious dog, Beryl Trupin a car that would not start, Azira Jolie a politician and Dolly Georgin a man making fun of a disco.

The goal of the last round of “Eski or Con or Garson” was to test whether they knew their partner and the boy as they thought.

The final points of the points were won by Beryl Trupin and Christina Valerie with 75 points, while Azira Jolie and Dolly Jorgin scored 55 points. The losers still left with their weapons as gifts from game partners.

In fact, the game “Super Maman” is organized by Radio Plus in collaboration with Appletizer. The event was attended by Courts Mammoth, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Cuzinex, Absa, Metro Express Ltd., Restaurant Celebs, Citadel, Anchor Life, Lottery Vert, TotalEnergis, PKL Online, Canal Plus, Hose, Canas Plus, Encas Space.

Coming Friday, May 27th

Not to be missed this Friday, May 27th from 8:30 pm, in the first semifinal between Melanie Nagen and her mother-in-law Kamala Bai Krishnaji against Devina and her mother-in-law Mala Rupuji. An appointment to follow live on Radio Plus’ Airwave, Defimedia.info and Radio Plus’ Facebook page and Tele Plus’ YouTube channel.
This Friday, May 27, it is possible to attend the show live while enjoying a dinner at Celeb Restaurant in Dudland, Bagatel, surrounded by your loved ones. A special Mother’s Day menu is provided by the restaurant. Prices are Rs 399 for children under 12, Rs 699 for adults and free for children under two. On the menu you will find as a starter, a delicious chef’s salad, bruschetta, chicken bite, squid, mini margarita pizza, salted and Hawaiian fish, grilled chicken and roast potatoes as main course, fish and chips, mushroom sauce and spaghetti. Red fruit emerald quota for dessert. You can still book at 5423 9983.

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