Royal Blog – Elizabeth II Jubilee, D-6: Superfans are already on the battlefield

They will not miss it for the world. They are the superfans of the British royal family, the ultra of “royal observation”. Maria Scott tells us that for the Platinum Jubilee of their Queen Elizabeth II, from 2 to 5 June, they were all out.

They took the train ticket a year ago. In the interest of the economy, and also from impatience. They will meet in London on Sunday 29 May and plan to camp for three days on the mall lawn with their royal gear. “You need it to make sure you have a good venue for the June 2 parade,” said Maria Scott, 52, of Newcastle.

The mall is the longest road from Trafalgar Square to Admiralty Arch to Buckingham Palace. Routes of all parades. At the end, in front of the Windsor Farm headquarters gate, stands a statue of Queen Victoria. 63 years reign on the clock, 1837-1901, an era. Elizabeth II does even better: 70 years on the throne this year. An unprecedented record for the state.

What will happen after this ad

“It won’t happen again.”

If Maria, a housewife from north-east England, Trooping the Color, wants the best seat to join the military parade, which officially celebrates the king’s birthday in early June (regardless of the king, Elizabeth II was born April 21), because she knows that “The Platinum Jubilee will never happen again.”

What will happen after this ad

Prince Charles, heir to the title, already old: 73 years old. His eldest Prince William will celebrate his 40th birthday on June 21. How old will little George be, soon to be 9, when it will be his turn to wear the crown? Will we still be here? So Maria, her daughter Amy and their team of friends absolutely want to be a part of this anniversary, never want to celebrate like never before and above all “be a part of history”.

Galli and Solidarity

Along with John Loughrey, Sky London, Patrick O’Neill, Caryll Foster and Nicky Surridge, they will each arrive at the mall with banners, pennants, badges and flags they have created. And even a new T-shirt, designed for the occasion. “We share the cost of the decor, it doesn’t represent a big budget, we’ve already saved a lot over the years,” Maria explained.

What will happen after this ad

What will happen after this ad

Maria in the center, her daughter Amy on the right, and their friends during the royal campsite

Maria Scott

Apparently, for their camping mission they provided tents, folding seats, inflatable mattresses, water bottles, emergency rations … and champagne. They keep their fingers crossed for the weather. “The weather in June is unpredictable, we wear warm pajamas, big socks, waterproof coats …” They have been investing time and money for months, even in hail. “The Queen has always been a part of our lives, she was strong and brave, she is the backbone of the UK. We have come to show him our respect. “

How about a three-day blockade of central London without risking losing your place? “We get food and coffee, others see our things. In reality, we smile a lot, the atmosphere is electric and colorful. In terms of hygiene, they rely on wipes to stay fresh. Maria explains, “We have enough to wash our faces and brush our teeth, but getting into the toilet is always a real concern for me. We rely on nearby cafes, restaurants and hotels, so I hope the authorities will install mobile toilets in malls, it will make our lives easier … ”

Pumps and Peasantry

Maria’s fascination with the royal family dates back to her childhood. Her grandmother had a portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the wall, and she sang the song God Save the Queen every morning at school. Then there was Diana. “There was something special about him. All my community gathered to follow the marriage with Charles, I remember it very well. When I was 11 years old, I was fascinated. My dedication to following the family really started with him. ”

Since Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton, she has been camping for all the big events. These superfans are willing to accept many sacrifices, but in Maria’s eyes it is worth it. “We are personally fortunate to be able to experience these commemorative celebrations. This is why we come so close to style and pomp. Her daughter Amy, 21, is studying in Newcastle. Her surgery is scheduled for ten days before the festival, but she will be there. Whatever the cost.

After trooping on Thursday the 2nd, the mother, daughter and their friends will go to sleep on the lawn near St. Paul’s Cathedral, in anticipation of the Thanksgiving Mass in honor of Elizabeth on Friday the 3rd. The full-fledged “BRF” (British royal family) is expected there, including Prince Harry and Megan Merkel, the exiled Duke and Duchess of Sussex. By doing everything possible to be among the first to stand behind the security barrier around the cathedral, fans expect a look, a smile, a gesture when members of the Windsor group go into the air.

“An experience that can’t be bought with money”

Then there will be a party at the palace in front of Buckingham on Saturday. The blockbuster, broadcast live on the BBC, announces the heavyweights: Diana Ross, Helen Mirren, Quinn, Joan Collins, Twiggy, David Beckham … yet Maria and Amy are not the stars they most hope for. “We are really looking forward to meeting our friends. Camping Royal’s friendship is exceptional, it’s an experience that can’t be bought with money. “Basically, this is what they’re looking for in this form of” royal observation “: community sentiment. And as a bonus, who knows, maybe your finger will touch the myth

In front of Kensington Palace to pay tribute to Maria Scott and her daughter Amy Diana

In front of Kensington Palace to pay tribute to Maria Scott and her daughter Amy Diana

Maria Scott

One of Maria’s favorite royal memories is the day her daughter gave the queen a bouquet. “It simply came to our notice thenM An anniversary is etched in our memory for a moment. There was also a meeting with Prince William. 1 eachOf In July, a group of friends gathered in front of the golden gate of Kensington Palace to pay tribute to the memory of Lady Diana on her birthday. “William came in 2019 and took the trouble to leave his house to thank us. He shook our hands, said everyone remembered the date of his death, but very few people bothered to celebrate his birthday, it meant a lot to him and he was touched. It made me very proud, “Maria recalls.

What does he expect from the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations? “We want to see George, Charlotte, Louis Cambridge and their cousins, all the little kids in the family get off the mall in a horse-drawn carriage, it will be very exciting … and for them too! This will be their grand entry in the history books. ” A story that will be written in front of the eyes.

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