Specialized Masters, MSc … these courses to enhance your skills

At the time of the global health crisis in early 2020, Esther Dupont had been working for the Reliance and Shatox Association for two years. “With a bachelor’s degree in hotel, I knew I would start training again, especially for new skills in marketing and finance,” said the 25-year-old brunette. He drew his attention to the Master of Science in Hospitality Management at Es-sec based on work-study. “From management practices to office tools like Excel, I can apply what I learn in class directly to my work, and this builds my professional network,” greets the project director of the hotel group Les Domains de Fontanelle. He will graduate in July.

Acquire special skills or even retrain to strengthen your career: this is the promise of Masters of Science (MSc), Specialized Masters (MS) and other Executive Masters. Each year, these programs attract many executives in various sectors such as energy conversion, artificial intelligence, logistics, finance and digital transformation. Very popular course, which can be funded by apprentices and your CPF account.

What are we talking about?

Be aware, however, that behind this similar name lies a macuis that is difficult to read with a variable quality offer. Created in 1983 to meet the demand of companies for emerging skills, the specialized postgraduate degree is a registered trademark of the Conference of Grand Ecoles (CGE), subject to a labeling process. In France, there are a total of 392, the result of a partnership between a few schools, such as one on Adencia and one on the power shift issued by the Central Nantes. “Accessible to bac + 5, MS was primarily dedicated to engineering students seeking dual skills,” explained Géraldine Cellier, a member of the CGE Accreditation Center. “Now, they are open to professionals in almost all types of schools.”

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