The lazy man scolds his wife for leaving the house untidy until their silent son is involved.

A lazy husband who sleeps on the sofa in the living room all day often blames his wife for the mess in their house. Then one day, while he was still attacking his wife, their 14-year-old son decided to intervene. That day, a series of changes took place in the house.

After police officer Jack Owens hit his leg, he was forced to take sick leave and his wife, Lydia, was forced to support the family. She worked long hours as a nurse, working up to 18 hours a day.

However, despite his best efforts, Zach never bothered to help him. Instead, he complained of knee pain and spent all his days resting on the sofa.

However, Zach was not always like this. At first, she helped Lydia with her household chores and cooked dinner when she got home from work. But recently, he had various excuses as to why he couldn’t help around the house and the most well-known was his “injury.”

Lydia is tired of her stressful lifestyle and is upset that Zach is not trying to help her. But like all other women, she was silent because she did not want her family to isolate herself. But one day, things got too much for her, and she screamed at Jack.

Zach rests on the sofa all day and never bothers to help Lydia. | Source: pixels

“Lydia! Come here now!” Jack screamed from the living room as he was busy helping their son Adam with his school project. That day, Lydia comes home early from work to help Adam, and instead of cooking dinner and cleaning the dirty dishes, she decides to take care of Adam’s project first.

Meanwhile Jack and his friends were busy watching a football game and drinking beer.

I can’t come now, Zach. I’m helping Adam! If it’s something important, text me! He replied.

Zach didn’t say anything back. But Lydia found it strange, because she usually yells at him. Lydia realized that this was not important and later decided to ask Jack. But after a while he enters Adam’s room and starts screaming at the top of his voice.

“Am I texting you? Do you think I’m your servant? Have you noticed how messy the kitchen is? Who will clean it?”

“Sorry?” Lydia answered. “Can’t you see I’m busy with something? And besides, the mess was made by you and your friends. So own it and stop yelling at me. Besides, I guess your friends are already gone, Zach. So you How about helping me out for once? You see, I’m busy with Adam’s school project. “

Jack and his friends created this chaos while watching a football game. | Source: pixels

Wow! “Zach looked at her.” Where did you find the courage to answer Lydia so arrogantly? Is anyone at work turning your head against me? Are you going there and lying that I’m a terrible husband? “

Stop that, Zach! “Lydia screamed, jumping to her feet.” Don’t forget our boy is watching us! Tell me, what is your problem? I work 18 hours a day, then I come home and take care of everything. But this is not enough for you! If I make a meat pie, you want pasta. If I cook pasta, you will claim meat pie! I’m helping our son, Jach! She has a competition at school. At least shut up, for his own good. Welcome! You’re poisoning the environment for all of us! ”

“Stop making me look like a bad guy in this situation, Lydia. You can’t fix anything! You’ve cut everything in half, so …” Adam smiled before Jack could finish his sentence. He jumped out of bed and jumped. The house. Zach starts making fun of Lydia again, teasing her, saying she’s a bad wife.

Suddenly Adam returned to the room and dragged Lydia and Jack into the living room, indicating that he wanted to show them something. Distraught, Lydia and Jack headed for the living room, where Adam motioned for them to sit down and turn on the television.

It wasn’t even his fault when Zach went after Lydia. | Source: pixels

A slideshow of photos and videos appeared on the television screen, with the introduction: “My dream: to be like my mother. The superheroine of my life and my role model.”

It turned out that Adam was going to make a presentation on his model for an upcoming competition and he chose Lydia as the subject.

The presentation showed Lydia random shots working at home. He was seen coming home late from work, heading straight for the kitchen.

Then there was the segment where Adam adjusted the camera and interviewed Lydia in sign language. “Why do you always work so hard, Mom?” That was his first question. “Why don’t you ask Dad or me to help?”

Lydia smiled at Adam and replied in sign language, which translated into subtitles: “It’s never hard for those you love to overwork. You’re often busy with your studies, Adam, so it’s normal. And Dad is hurt, so he helped me.” It’s okay if you don’t want to. “

Jack and Lydia were speechless at Adam’s presentation. | Source: Unsplash

The following are questions related to the problems she has faced in caring for, managing the house, and caring for a “difficult child” like her because she is mute.

Lydia immediately replied that she loved her family so much that she could do anything for them. She then corrects Adam, saying that she is not a difficult child, but a disabled child and that any mother loves her child as much as she loves him.

Jack was speechless and Lydia could not hold back her tears. At the end of the presentation, photos of Lydia and Adam appeared on the screen with the following statement: “Thank you for being such a beautiful mother that I can be happy. I love you.”

Zach noticed that he was not part of the whole presentation. He has no pictures with Adam. There is no praise for him. Nothing.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Zach got up and left the room. He felt bad and wanted to apologize to Lydia, but he was too ashamed of himself. A few days later, he made a hair salon appointment for Lydia and asked her to take a vacation.

Zack was ashamed of himself. | Source: pixels

Lydia laughed and said, “Okay, Jack. Thanks for that, but I’m busy. I can’t make time for it.” But Zach insisted that he go to the saloon and eventually he agreed.

She arrived at the saloon late that day, and she feared that when she returned home, Zach would go mad and yell at her. But when he got home, he saw that the whole living room was dark, with candles and rose petals burning all the way from the door to their coffee table.

As he turned on the light, a voice came through the room: “Happy birthday, Lydia !!!”

Lydia noticed a cake in the living room and on the table with her friends, parents and Jack. She was so engrossed in her work that she forgot her birthday! Then he realized that Zach had planned to send him to the saloon so that he could fix everything.

Zach came to her with her favorite bouquet of flowers and knelt down. “To my dear wife, I hope you enjoyed the surprise. Happy birthday to you, honey,” he said. He then took out a box from his pocket that contained a great diamond pendant.

Zach finally apologizes to Lydia. | Source: pixels

“What can I do?” He asked, and he shook his head.

Lydia opens her gift after cutting the cake. Many days later he was so happy.

Before going to bed that night, Zach helped her tidy up the living room and make the dishes, and she promised him that she would never be harsh on him again. “I won’t shout at you anymore, Lydia. I’m sorry for being so bad with you!” He took her hand in his and said, “Then you don’t have to work so much anymore. I asked my boss, and he said I could go back to work tomorrow.”

Lydia hugs Jack, tears welling up in her eyes, glad she’s changed for the better. “Thank you, darling. I’m so glad you acknowledged your mistake and fixed it. It’s the best birthday present of all. I love you.”

“I love you too, honey,” Zach said, hugging him. As they left the kitchen, they noticed Adam standing there.

“What’s up honey? Do you need anything?” Lydia asked.

But Adam nodded and signaled that he was proud of Zack.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Always be there for those who love and care for you. Zach realizes that Lydia is trying to balance everything because she loves him and Adam. In this way he realized that it was his fault for making fun of him.
  • Be an example for your children. Jack realizes that he has tarnished his image in Adam’s eyes by being a bad father and a bad husband, and he corrects.

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