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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Created in 2004, Axeme Conseil is a recruiting company specialized in the digital health and medical technology industry (medical devices and biotechnology). His excellent knowledge of the sector allows him to be a source of inspiration for healthcare providers. Explanation with Christine Harvey, CEO and founder of Axeme Conseil.

What kind of candidates are you targeting?

We employ all profiles from the design or solution of a product to its marketing stage. Going through quality, regulatory, clinical and technical profiles up to C level position in France and abroad. Our clients are companies of all sizes who design, develop, manufacture and market medical devices such as scanners, MRIs, stents or dressings.

We are currently hiring commercial, marketing and R&D profiles for large groups of startups, SMEs and Cardiology, Orthopedics, Oncology and Surgical Robotics.

What are your recruitment challenges?

The challenge is to create a profile that combines both high scientific skills and business, marketing and regulatory skills. Very often, dual skills are praised by the company. For example, manufacturers of medical devices are now increasingly looking for specialized profiles. They must have a variety of technical knowledge and be able to master groundbreaking technologies such as artificial intelligence.

At the same time companies have to deal with A strong regulatory environment. This forces them to reconsider their product offerings and, therefore, to hire profiles that are fully familiar with these new regulations. However, the demand is much higher than the supply, which creates a very strong tension in the market. And for good reason, There is a dearth of special candidates in the health industry. Indeed, at the end of their training, the students return to the pharmaceutical industry. They don’t think about the digital health industry or the medical technology industry.

Yet they are needed today. Information work is then needed with young graduates and in initial training. They need it Explain what these professions consist of and introduce them to the companies associated with them. I have been working with Master 1 and Master 2 students in science, organic matter or the healthcare industry for over 10 years.

We’ve developed a unique solution with MD101 and SGS Academy for hiring the right person at the right time for the right role in QARA. The solution we presented a few days ago at Snitem’s Innovative Medical Device Start-up Day.

Does this highly sought-after profile have special requirements?

These talents are in high demand, they have a strong position in the market. In general, they choose the company for which they want to work. Axeme Conseil requiredBecome an ambassador of the company to present the project to the candidate and arouse his interest. Our DNA is based on our expertise in the sector and our very strong relationship with healthcare professionals. This knowledge allows us to associate the right profile with the right company and avoid one-way recruitment dynamics.

What should companies put in place to attract them and above all keep them?

They must communicate well about their projects, including the innovations they bring to our industry. Companies that pay candidates interested in their activity. They are also looking for development opportunities by listening to the heart of the management approach. Finally, Covid has changed our habits, the possibility of teleworking is now part of their needs. A good corporate culture, balance of professional / personal life and a non-standard work environment attracts candidates.

In addition to this hiring support, what support do you give to companies?

7 years ago, we created the “Les rendez-vous experts MedTech” event with the MD101 company. Each version coincides with a theme addressed by our ecosystem stakeholders. The goal is Connect medical device manufacturers with relevant experts for the success of their project.

Axeme was thus able to bring together a network of MedTech’s six key players to assist our customers at all stages of innovation development with regulatory aspects, intellectual property, innovation financing, clinical insurance, commercial and legal strategies.

Do you have a final word?

With Kovid, we have seen the importance of the medical device industry and the advent of new digital solutions that are rapidly transforming the healthcare sector. We have an area with a great opportunity. Axeme is proud to assist the company in their recruitment to adapt to the new challenges.

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