After 23 years of marriage, the wife invited her husband and found out that she was ashamed to meet him

A woman decides to invite her husband on a date to revive their flame. He refuses, admitting that he is ashamed of himself, only to later learn an important lesson from a good friend.

Jack and Mary had been married for 23 years and had four children who needed regular attention from Mary. Their lives were routine, something the couple was no longer excited about.

Their daily routines were different from each other. Jack would come home from work, lie on the sofa and watch TV until dinner. Meanwhile, Mary worked all day, cooked dinner, washed everyone’s clothes, looked after their youngest child, and guided the other children through their homework.

When Mary had leisure time, late at night, she would watch romantic movies and imagine herself in those movies. She dreams of a trust, because she and her husband have not had one for a long time.

However, when Mary looked in the mirror, she was saddened by what she saw. She does nothing to look like the women in the movie.

She stared at her wedding photo in front of the mirror and couldn’t believe her eyes. He now sees a tired, sad old woman instead of a cheerful young girl.

Shaking off this thought, he decided to change his reality. The next day, when Jack returned home from work, he sat her down at the dinner table.

“Jack, I was thinking … maybe we can hang out? There’s a nice open space in town. Maybe we can go see,” he suggested.

Jack laughs and is surprised that Mary took the initiative. “A date? Why are we going out together? Is today a special day or something?” He asked.

Mary always looked tired, because she took care of the whole house every day Source: pixels

Mary shook her head. “We don’t have to wait for a special day until today … we can make any day special,” he smiled sweetly.

Instead of touching Mary’s gesture, Jack begins to feel annoyed. “Look at you!” He told Mary. “You’re terrible. I’m not going anywhere with you.”

Mary was hurt by her husband’s harsh words, especially since she saw it that way because she had just finished cleaning their house. “I just finished the housework, that’s why I’m in this situation,” he justified himself.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You look like this every day. Before, you took care of yourself, did your hair, you wore nice clothes, but now you look like an old work girl. I don’t know when you started going,” Jack told her.

Mary’s eyes filled with tears. “Even if you cry, you’re horrible. Do you want the truth? I’m ashamed of you. I can’t take you out like this,” Jack said before leaving through the front door.

Mary could not hold back her tears when she heard such painful words from her husband Source: pixels

Jack went to his friend Samuel’s house and invited him to a bar for a beer. But Samuel immediately pushed him away. “Sorry, mate. I’m going on a date with my wife. There’s a new place in town where I want to take her.”

Jack was upset that his friend refused to go to the bar to date his wife. Then he saw Samuel’s wife coming down the stairs. She looked gorgeous in her outfit and had a big smile when she held the flower in her arm.

“Sam, I found this bouquet on our bedroom table. Did you put it there?” She screams, kissing Samuel’s cheek.

“Yeah, surprise! Also, here …” he said, taking a paper bag from behind the front door. His wife opened it and inside was a beautiful evening dress.

“Oh, Sam. That’s beautiful! You’re the best of husbands! Let me change quickly. I’ll wear this dress on our date,” she said excitedly, hurrying back upstairs.

Samuel surprised his wife with flowers before their date Source: pixels

Jack was shocked by what he had just seen. “Sam, your wife is beautiful, and you look great! My wife always looks unhappy. She rarely smiles these days,” he says.

“When was the last time you asked Mary out?” Samuel asked his friend.

“I don’t remember … two years ago, maybe?” He replied.

“You last asked him two years ago, and now you’re complaining that he’s not smiling?” Samuel said, slapping his friend’s hand.

Shaking his head, Samuel decides to give Jack some valuable advice. “You know, mate. I’m special to my wife every day. She’s the light in our house.

She deserves the love and respect I give her. She’s always been beautiful, but every day she goes the extra mile to be more beautiful – because she loves herself. “

Samuel makes each day special for him and his wife Source: pixels

Jack stood there, silently absorbing what Samuel was saying. He realized that he had a responsibility that he did not expect of his wife.

“When I take my wife on a date, it’s not a special day. Because I like to make each day special. Try it, mate. It can do wonderful things in your marriage,” Samuel advises.

Jack shook his head, realizing that what Samuel was saying was what Mary wanted him to say first. “Thanks, Sam. Well, enjoy your date tonight. I’m going home now.”

When Jack returned home, he had a gift for Mary. “I’m sorry for hurting you with my words before today. I disrespected you, and you didn’t deserve it,” he told her with the gift package. “Do you want to go out with me tomorrow? I have reserved a table for us in this cool place in town …”

Jack surprised Mary with a gift before going on a date Source: pixels

Mary looked at Jack in surprise. He was very happy and wore the same happy smile that he used to show her every day when they were little. He opened the gift package and saw a beautiful silver necklace.

“It’s beautiful, Jack. Thank you. I want to go out with you tomorrow,” he replied.

The next day, Jack saw Mary transform right before his eyes. She was suffocating, and she remembered that she had the most beautiful woman by her side. She was happy, and so she was.

Since then, both Mary and Jack have made a point of working on their relationship. They revived the flame in them and it worked wonders not only for them but also for their family life.

What can we learn from this story?

  • You don’t need a special day to party. You can make each day special. Initially, Jack believed that dates should only be celebrated on special occasions. His good friend Samuel made him realize that every day can be memorable, and it depends on him.
  • Show your love, support and appreciation to your loved one every day. We often overlook the little things our loved ones do for us every day. It is important to pay attention and show your gratitude so that love can flourish at home.

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