Five experiences to get to medieval times this summer

The film, inspired by the cult series on the occasion of its release on the big screen, has some idea of ​​going back in time.

Fans of the series Camelot, Aired by M6 between 2005 and 2009, has been waiting for the film for years Here they are finally satisfied since the first part was published this Wednesday. Opportunity to slip on shoes at a night of the round table, learn more about medieval cuisine, hawk or dungeon construction techniques … a few ideas for staying within the theme.

Sleeping in a castle of Trigans

“Wedge, girl, Demlet, spend a night in a fortified castle and have fun.” Transformed into a hotel and restaurant, this medieval castle offers a panoramic view of Provenালal Scrabland from its towers and invites you to explore between four-poster beds, armor and stone arches.

Chateau de Trigans, 1400 Route de Brace, 83840 Trigans. E.g. : 04 94 76 91 18. Room from € 105 in low season.

Learn about medieval cuisine in Provins

Introduction to medieval cuisine in the province. The Gourmet Aprons / Press Photo

Dame Corinne offers an original discovery of medieval cuisine during her culinary workshop. More complex than our imagination, very varied foods can be somewhat acidic, rich in amazing sweet and savory flavors and lost over time. Spices are very present, not only because of their medicinal properties, but also because they come from heaven and eating them will bring us closer to it!

Medieval Cooking Workshop: Conservation Needs. Course duration: 1h30. Possibility to privatize the workshop from 6 people. Price: € 40 per adult and € 25 per 7 to 12 year old child. Gourmet aprons. House of Terror and Crafts, du Chatel (Entrance 21, Rue du Palais). 77160 Province. E.g. : 06 23 63 86 84.

Discover hawks in Val d’Oss

The identity of the hawk. Falconry Paris / Photo Press

The hawk? It is an ancestral hunting technique that captures the small game using a trained bird of prey, such as an eagle, a hawk and even an owl. This very old art has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010. Discover hawks one day or weekend with family or friends You will learn all about the life of these fascinating birds.

Beginning of summer: bird watching, reception and bird flight (2h30). Adults and children up to 8 years old. Price: 90. One day course: Discovery and introduction of flight supervised by experienced falcons of falcon birds. Price: € 245 per adult, € 145 per child, lunch included. Information: E.g. : 06 45 65 71 00.

Build a secure castle 21st Century in Guidel

The Guadeloun castle was built according to conventional methods in the Middle Ages. Guidellon Castle / Photo Press

Discover the work of miners, stonemasons, masons, carpenters, carpenters, blacksmiths, and other tile makers in the process of building a fortified fortress in Yonne, Borgogne-Fran -ois-Comte, nowadays, by technique and with the materials used. In the Middle Ages. You too can take part in the construction of the fort. Neophytes or insiders can immerse themselves for a few days in the adventures of the builders of protected forts.

Chateau de Guedellon, Divisional Road 955, 89520 Trainee.
E.g. : 03 86 45 66 66. Price: € 14 for adults, € 11 for children ages 5 to 17.

Carcassonne joins a heroism tournament

This equestrian show, the costumes, showcases these tournaments through courtesy jerks, stunts, acrobatics and fights. Carcassonne Knighthood Tournament / Photo Press

In the Middle Ages, the tournament was a military training but an opportunity for the Knights to show their worth and for their best, to enrich themselves, thanks to the weapons of the losers and the ransom paid to the prisoners. This equestrian show, the costumes, showcases these tournaments through courtesy jerks, stunts, acrobatics and fights.

Heroism Demonstration, August 27, 2021, 3 sessions daily from 2pm to 3:30 pm – 5pm except Saturdays. Price: € 11 per adult and € 7 for children ages 5 to 10.

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