This physical description of Jafri that bothered him …

In last Monday’s episode Married at first sight, The public was able to find Cindy and Jafre who first met in Gibraltar. The two athletes were both under pressure, but they got better immediately. In fact, they seemed to be at the same wavelength, especially during the photoshoot where they even made funny faces! From a physical standpoint, Cindy focuses on one detail … find out which one!

First shows married: Cindy focuses on a physical feature …

His wife Marriage at first sight Always very anxious during the first meeting. This is definitely the most painful moment of the whole adventure. Indeed, there is a big adrenaline rush. Then, say it matches or breaks! But, with 76% consistency, if they overcome their stress, there is a good chance that everything will be fine. In addition, two young athletes. Jafre is a 39-year-old former high-level swimmer. Today, she is a lifeguard for children. For Cindy, she doesn’t work in sports since she is a 33-year-old beautician. However, she likes to take care of her body and others. Also, he practices boxing. Also, she was really beautiful in her wedding dress with a very strong neckline. He surprised all the help and especially the main interested party.

Thus, the discussion went well, it was clear that they said “yes”! Once the chemistry continues in the car towards the shoot. In fact, they found many common points. We can say that for the moment, it is flawless for experts Marriage at first sight. Cindy is still trapped in her beloved husband’s physical details.

A perfect match between Marriage at first sight

Anyway, they had a lot of good vibes for the wedding ceremony and shooting. Thus, when they arrived in the evening to find their loved one, they became one as before. There was only one challenge left for the candidate Married at first sight, That’s to please her husband’s many swimming friends. In fact, his swimming band is his second family. The beautiful brunette is forced to accept them and that is the mutual truth. Towards the end of the episode, his friends took him aside to get to know him better. We will find out the purpose of this discussion on our screen next Monday.

Whatever the case, her husband’s appearance seems to please Cindy, who has completely blocked a physical description in particular. This Wednesday, May 25, he hosted a live Instagram With the show’s psychologist Married at first sight, Estelle Dossin. ” I remember rushing to my friends in the evening (her wedding, editor’s note) saying: ‘Hey, I still said she had beautiful eyelids.’“She is OK. She confirmed that this detail shocked her:” I really had her amazing lashes

According to a detailed and expert Cindy Block it is normal!

Estelle Dossin reassures him and tells him that it is normal to focus on a detail that seems trivial. Here is his explanation: It is a psychological reflection of stressful situations. Your brain receives so much information that it cannot analyze everythingSo he sets up a kind of microfilter and all of a sudden, he’s going to block a detail that might be trivial or important to you.“Cindy is a beautician, so obviously details are important for a beautiful brunette.

One thing is for sure, we don’t know if the story of Cindy and Jafri will continue, but it started well. And all couples Marriage at first sight Can’t say the same. In fact, Caroline immediately put a stop to her husband’s small size. Jennifer is completely stuck in front of her husband Eddie … will be seen on the channel next Monday M6 !

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