Why Median Intelligent Medical Imaging Outperforms

A nugget, Median Technologies is a must.

Sophia Antipolis medtech, an expert in software solutions and medical imaging services, is already posting historic results for 2021, with a turnover of .5 20.5 million, 52.4% higher than in 2020.

Added to this is an order book of € 62.3 million, which is 18.4% higher than the end of March 2021, which translates to a record revenue of € 5.7 million in the first quarter of 2022 (+9.2% 2021 compared to the first quarter).

Excellent performance only due to its commercial activity iCRO ​​(Imaging Contract Research Organization) which provides services to the global biopharmaceutical industry for image management in clinical trials in oncology. “Our technology, based on artificial intelligence, makes it possible to analyze large amounts of data and better understand the processes of a molecule’s activity.”Frederick Bragg, founder and CEO of Media Technologies, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Early diagnosis

For managers, one of the real reasons for satisfaction is the performance of iBiopsy Lung Cancer Screening.

The project started in 2021, this medical device software is designed as a diagnostic support for radiologists. “Achieved exceptional sensitivity and specificity performance in January” In the detection of lung cancer.

Translation? “Imaging involves all stages of a disease and has made it possible to detect small lesions over a long period of time. Frederick Bragg explains, But that doesn’t mean they’re bad or bad. ” So many false positives, invasive, stressful, expensive and sometimes meaningless biopsies for patients.

That is our goal in the end
Our technology is duplicable
For all cancers.

“The chances of developing a pulmonary nodule cancer are often found in people over the age of 50. With iBiopsy, we are the first to identify these small lesions and determine if they are cancerous.”
Early detection that refers to a complete paradigm shift. “Which will have a huge impact on lung cancer”The CEO insisted that a file be filed in early March – 513G – with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the first step leading to a marketing approval for iBiopsy.

And who can make Median Technologies the next French unicorn. “iBiopsy is generating a lot of interest from our pharmaceutical partners and from the clinical routine and screening market for which our medical device software has been addressed, according to experts, between $ 10 billion and $ 50 billion. And that, in the United States alone.” By [qui permettra aux études et résultats de la medtech sophipolitaine d’être validés par des hôpitaux indépendants partout dans le monde, ndlr] Should start in December and end in June 2023 “Reveals Frederick Bragg who plans to repeat the operation in Europe.

Other pathologies

Meanwhile, Median has already begun to adapt its technology to two other pathologies: liver cancer and fatty liver disease. [NASH, acronyme anglais de la stéato-hépatite non alcoolique due à l’accumulation de graisse dans le foie liée à de mauvaises habitudes alimentaires et à la sédentarité, ndlr].
“The main study for liver cancer is scheduled for 2023. Our ambition is to diagnose a patient in stage 1, which means saving his life, The CEO says. You should know that 80% of the money in oncology is spent in the last three years of a patient’s life. The five-year mortality rate for lung cancer is 95% whereas patients diagnosed early have a survival rate of 92% after fifteen years. It’s a race against time, day and night. “
Median, which employs about 200 people worldwide – 17 in the United States and 40 in China where the neonatal market is evolving – sees itself as a unicorn.

“Our goal is that in the long run, our technology is the same for all cancers, especially if we want to surpass Tesla. Glad to see his order book regain its momentum after two years of stability due to the half-joke Frederick Bragg Covid. We deliver what we say. We will continue to show our good results in our clinical trials and then deploy worldwide where the spots are much higher. The potential is huge and the potential – between iCRO ​​and iBiospy – is good, but we must be humble and cautious. “

Just let the clinical trial results speak for themselves.

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