After the Uvalde massacre, the first cold testimony of surviving children

President Joe Biden is scheduled to travel to Texas this Sunday, May 29. The United States on Saturday found the first evidence of children surviving the Uvalade genocide, describing the horrors of a school in Texas where a gunman killed 19 young students and two teachers.

The day before, Texas authorities had locked up their Maya, admitting that police had taken one “Bad decision” Quickly without entering the building. Despite calls for the children to intervene, it took police about an hour on Tuesday to stop the genocide. The 19 agents at the site were waiting for a special unit to attack.

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“I think he was noticing me.”

Inside, the children were gunners, Salvador Ramos, just 18 years old. He entered the house and closed the door, telling the children: “You will all die.”Before the shooting, a survivor, Samuel Salinas, 10, told the ABC Channel on Friday. “I think he was noticing me.”The child testifies, but a chair between him and the gunman blocks the bullet.

In a blood-soaked room on the floor, Samuel Salinas tries to avoid being shot. “Dead Game”.

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Surviving children are “traumatized”

Mia Cerillo, 11, similarly tried to avoid the sight of Salvador Ramos. The girl covered herself in the blood of a comrade whose body was beside her, she explained to CNN, in unadulterated evidence. He had just seen the teenager kill his teacher, after telling him “Good night”.

Another student, Daniel, told the Washington Post that no one shouted while the victims were waiting for police to come and rescue them.

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“I was scared and stressed because the bullets almost hit me. A

Her teacher, who was injured in the attack but survived, whispered to the students. “Keep calm” And no “Do not move”.

A child with a gunshot wound tells the teacher to call the police, she says “A lot of bleeding”, Reports Daniel, who no longer sleeps alone and has nightmares. The children that survived “Traumatized, and must stay with them for life”His mother, Brianna Ruiz, said.

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“I can’t wait to get back to school”

Samuel Salinas further said that he had nightmares, so he saw the shooter. The thought of going back to school, even seeing your classmates is still scary. “I’m in no hurry”He assures, adding that he wants “Stay home” And this “Rest”.

In Uvalade, dozens of people gathered at Central Square on Saturday morning, which has become a place of homage for the victims. Standing there now on the cross – one for each victim – we can read “I love you” Where “I miss you”.

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Residents left messages for flowers, staff animals, students and two teachers. And think of the survivors. “We need to help these children get out of this trauma, this pain.”Says Humberto Renovato, 33.

Uvalade Joe Biden

This Sunday, the President of the United States and his wife, Jill Biden, will travel to Uvalade “To share grief” Residents of this small town plagued by one of the worst massacres by firearms in recent years. “You can’t make drama illegal, I know. But we can make America safer. “In a speech on Saturday, Joe Biden expressed remorse “So many innocent people have died in so many places.”.

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Its vice-president, Kamala Harris, was at the funeral of one of ten African-American victims of racist shootings in mid-May in Buffalo, New York. “We will not allow those who are hated to be isolated or intimidated.”He hammers.

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Uvalade shooting reawakened America’s trauma. The faces of very young people, aged 9 to 11, are repeatedly broadcast on television, and the testimony of their collapsed relatives has shaken the country, re-launching call waves for better control of firearms. Democratic president, who has regularly condemned“Epidemic” Gun violence, so far has failed to pass comprehensive legislation on the issue.

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