Cesarean section – Women’s health: Complications that mother and baby may experience for life

  • Nagham Qasim
  • BBC News Arabic

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“The clinically unexplained cesarean section is a form of violence against women and exploitation of women’s bodies,” she said.

“They were pushing me towards a caesarean section as if it was the only, best and most suitable solution.” Mai Shami told the BBC about her experience of giving birth to a son two years ago.

A year ago, My Shami started a Facebook initiative called “Stop Medical Uninspired C-Sections”, which is followed by more than 12,000 people worldwide.

“During my pregnancy, I saw multiple doctors and most of the time they pushed me to have a caesarean section for a reason, some of which were male-powered, because [ils disaient] That normal birth can affect a woman’s sexuality after birth. There is an incision in the vaginal area called “perineum incision” [selon eux] It can affect men’s sexual satisfaction, “he explained.

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