Children of the married Gayat dynasty? This clichés that plot

Large family, life in XXL Since July 6, 2020, TF1 has fascinated audiences. Fans of the program have been able to discover beautiful and large families that are very dear. And one of the first families in the show that viewers think is the Gayat family. Olivia and Sukdavon are the head of a family of nine children. Matthew, Olivia, Tio, Chloe, Elsa, Alicia, Rudy, Nolen and Jade make up this great tribe. And the elderly are also starting their own families. Especially Olivia who is already the mother of Cayden or even a little boy named TO who will soon be a father for the first time. But this May 25, it is another child of this large family that attracts the attention of Internet users. In fact, it could be that a surprise is being prepared next to Elsa Gayat! Objeko I’ll tell you everything.

Large family, life in XXL : Elsa Gayat is making some important preparations

The Gayat family has become an integral part of the web since the TF1 program began. The public was able to know the parents, children and daily life of this XXL family. And some of the listeners’ favorite family members have artistic talents. She is one of the daughters of Olivier and Sukdavon, especially in the case of Elsa. This young lady sings and she does it with her life partner Salah. Those who closely follow the adventures of this large family know that this couple does not lack talent and has ambition to enter the world of music. They may have seen some clips of Elsa and Salah. Maybe listen to their songs too.

In fact, if Matthew, Olivia, Teo, Chloe, Elsa, Alicia, Rudy, Nolen, and Z must have a lot of talent, it depends on Elsa Gayat and her partner.Objeko Will be interested today.

The fourth child of Sukdavon and Olivier Gayat is great, he left the family home to settle down with his partner. And perhaps this is how they take their music projects to the next level. If not, will their life projects take a new turn? When the readerObjeko Internet users will see the image that grabs them, they will realize that this large family can still have some wonderful surprises for us.

Although Olivia and her son’s father recently got married religiously and started building their home, Elsie now attracts everyone’s attention. We thought it would be enough for him to leave with his partner to calm the public’s expectations Large family, life in XXL. But who can deny the beautiful declarations that raise a family by reunion or birth? Here you are on the track, this is an interesting picture of this elk which Elsa shared on the web on May 25.

A picture that says a lot …

It all starts with one The story Instagram where Elsa admitted to her customers that she had an announcement to make. According to our colleagues from the magazine, he was announcing then Pure people, Getting engaged to her boyfriend! Salah wanted a partner’s hand! A source of joy for his fans and the entire Gayat family. And before Internet users could rejoice at this great news, a picture was published on Elsar’s Instagram account. And surprisingly, he posed for his wife as well as the wedding dress!

Fans of the large Gait family had so many questions. Is Elsa married? Otherwise why would she wear a wedding dress in front of her fianc? However, in the caption of the publication, it is possible to read: “What if one day we were Mr. and MM Drosi?”. Which indicates the marriage has not yet taken place. And to lose a little more internet users, Soukdavon and Olivier Gayat’s daughter give everyone an appointment on May 29th! On this date, he will give all the necessary explanations for this photo and the effects of this announcement In the meantime, the only option for a real wedding would be to shoot a music video or release a new title for Elsa and her partner. Objeko Don’t hide from yourself that this is something to follow closely!

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