Emerging Technology: Should We Be Worried?

Various technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet or robots make everyday and professional life easier for many people. But some of them need to be closely monitored because of the risks.

The The technological revolution Do they just have the good side? The answer is obviously not. Indeed, people should expect its potential negative effects New technology. These include AI, synthetic biology, robotization and data digitization. Moreover, many scientists fear that human invention may one day turn against it.

Artificial Intelligence: What you need to know

Several well-known companies such as Google Use AI in their products and services. Their purpose is to improve the use of tools available to users Positive results like voice recognition. But artificial intelligence is used in various other fields such as robotics, navigation systems Autonomous vehiclesScientific research or virtual reality.

The advantage of an AI is that once it is turned on in a computer, it can constantly learn from real data. Something Algorithm Even manage to think like humans. The AI-guided robot in the operating room is proof of that.

Artificial intelligence

We must be careful, because this activity can be addictive and lead to abuse. The main concerns turn specifically to the attitude that AI can be used to address life concerns. In addition, there are applications that users can decide for themselves. This is exactly the kind of situation that should be avoided. In fact, AIs are not and will never be enriched by human-like consciousness. A apocalyptic vision Humanity revolves around AI because it will be the solution to all problems.

Face recognition: Revolutionary, but.

The Facial recognition When its application first spread through nine new smartphones, it was a great success Cyber ​​security To increase the level of security against computer attacks. There is a huge demand for this technology in the world of espionage and surveillance, as well as in government and intelligence services. As a reminder, facial recognition works with an AI.

But its credibility and its usefulness have been compromised by some bad habits today. Let us mention among others Deepfake technology Which can completely recreate a human face, and in a very simple way. It raises a lot Ethical and moral problems, Because anyone can access such technology. It would be easy to fool a person who is not mentionedIdentity fraud. And yet, technology has no definitive solution to deal with diphtheria.

Molecular Biology: The Most Dangerous Emerging Technology

Many scientists agree that the biggest threat from Innovative technology Is attached to Biology And its research: genetic mutations, Cell regeneration, The development of super antibodies, cell formation and much more. Biology is on the verge of crossing the line of prohibition Cloning. There is no doubt that science will be able to in the near future Make a man Artificially.


For his part, Synthetic biology Progress slowly, but concrete gives results. His goal, to be able Rewrite the DNA. With the help of engineering, computer science, AI and especially chemistry, it is not Science fiction. This will be a reality in the near future. The source of life will be questioned and with it, an emergence on rules and social practice. In addition, Production of genetically modified foods Will also appear.

What are the negative effects of emerging technology on health?

Today there are more people than ever before Overconnected Thanks for the internet and especially the connecting device. If the goal is to bring people together and then make their daily lives easier, it should not be denied that technology creates Adverse effects on physical health, Psychological and social. For example, research conducted among people aged 19 to 32 revealed that individuals who regularly use social networks are more likely to feel isolated. In addition, a Scientific journal Social networks and mental health issues published in 2016 determine the link between such depression.

Also, it could be due to technology like tablets as well as smartphones Eye hug. Why spend time in front of the screen needs to be limited. The brightness and radiation of the devices is actually harmful to health. For the little ones, they tend to be, perhaps, lacking in attention Prone to obesity Or have aggressive behavior if they are too Technology dependent And that’s what it has to offer.

In short, the New technology Seems reluctant to stop rising. It is up to the people to set certain limits by asking the right moral and ethical questions for their future. Otherwise, they will change the very concept of life and social, economic and cultural practices. But it needs to be prepared for the worst while constantly building ResearchInnovate and develop our knowledge.

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