Here are 10 startups selected for the AgriTech4 Morocco Innovation Challenge

Marketplace, Perfect Agriculture, Hydroponics, Farmer Financing Solutions য় The winners of the AgriTech4 Morocco Innovation Challenge are full of promise for African Agritech.

Organized by CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform and IMPACT Lab in collaboration with the World Bank and Trust Fund Digital Development Partnership, the AgriTech4Morocco Innovation Challenge has selected only 10 seedlings for seed and early stage.

Nineteen young startups from 11 countries (Morocco, Ivory Coast, Israel, UAE, Canada, Netherlands, Latvia, France, Greece, Egypt, India) were screened more than 350 applications for pre-selection. They should have an MVP and a strong team, be consistent with the Green Generation 2020-2030 strategy, demonstrate a strong potential for scientific relevance and scalability.

The 10 start-ups will benefit from 9 weeks of support from leading experts starting May 30, after which they will be in the spotlight of potential investors and partners. Demo Day which will have to close at the end of July.

Six out of ten Moroccan startups

Agriscan Introduces soil analysts formed by sensors to analyze soil in real time. It is a portable tool that scans soil, based on on-board artificial intelligence, and connects to networks for data storage and analysis to detect field nutrients. The results of the analysis of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are displayed within seconds so that farmers can immediately optimize their fertilization decisions.

EZ Agritech Has created a smart BAC that offers a solution that protects product quality, optimizes milk collection and transportation, ensures real-time traceability for stakeholders in the value chain and improves farmers’ wages.

Judore Greentech A network of franchised, modern, eco-hydroponic farms specializing in the production of high quality vegetables and aromatic herbs. Jodoor’s technology offers consistent productivity and quality as well as a fixed price throughout the year.

PCS Agri Its track pitch tomato solution, which makes it possible to estimate tomato yields, detect the first outbreaks of phytosanitary problems, and optimize pesticide use using video recording and artificial intelligence.

From sand to green A startup that rehabilitates dry land into gardens, establishes local agroforestry and creates new arable land using solar desalination and carbon offset mechanisms.

Intelligence A complete cold chain remote and real-time control solution for perishable products across the production / production, product transport and distribution stages.

International innovation in the service of Africa

Designed by a team based in the Netherlands, A digital marketplace aimed at reducing the cost of intermediaries for farmers, access to markets, promotion of their products nationally and internationally, and price transparency. The platform allows the seller to post offers of agricultural products and get direct access to verified buyers, or to choose an existing purchase offer and conclude its transaction. On the other hand, it allows the seller to find new suppliers.

Green growth A Latvian solution that provides farmers with real-time analysis of their land productivity, based on data collected directly from harvesters. Farmers then have yield maps that are used to optimize the use of agricultural inputs, such as fertilizers, seeds and grain protection products, in a sustainable farming system.

YieldsApp An Israeli startup that uses machine learning to create agricultural management software based on artificial intelligence. Created in 2018, the startup combines real-time data with agricultural knowledge on how to identify plant pests and diseases, predicts their occurrence, and makes recommendations for the best use of pesticides. The solution helps farmers to make wise decisions regarding pest, disease and soil health management.

Finally, the Ivorian startup Capture Solutions Limited Which completes the list with its agriculture solution, which aims to provide reliable digital verification and traceability tools to ensure a fair and more ethical supply chain and international operations. Agriculture offers two products: WeightCapture, an application for collecting and sharing weight data, including Bluetooth-enabled scales for real-time digital weight tracking between farmers and businesses. And Capagri, a mobile payment solution, integrated with WeightCapture, which uses biometric, mobile and cloud technology to offer farmers instant, secure and verified yield payments and affordable advances.

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