Mayotte: Collaboration between different actors in education at Assis de la Parentite

“Resigning parents”, “Loss of Cultural Landmark”, “Frequent absence of father”, “Parents sent back to Comoros” : Estimates to explain the alarming rise in juvenile delinquency activity in the region have been going well for several years. Faced with this multi-faceted situation, Céméa de Mayotte (Training Center for Active Learning Methods) has come together to redefine the role of parents and to innovate it according to the evolution of Mayotte society so that many children are no longer allowed to go out. “The right way”.

Complementing public education, this educational association (recognized as public utility since 1966) has invited all parents who have been interested in attending workshops on parenting in Mayotte for several years. The great ideas that arose were synthesized by the volunteers of the association, and Archimedes Saeed Ravoy, the former president of Seymour, still very committed to education, took the initiative to organize Asis de la Parenting in Dembেনn মে from 23 to 25 May. University Training and Research Center to send them back.

Parents and other education stakeholders, who were in large numbers, had the opportunity to hear a talk entitled Philippe Marieau “What can adults do to address the issue of violence between children and adolescents?”. The opinion of this recognized educator was therefore able to provide one more “Scientific” And thus completes and enriches the ideas of the parents.

Cooperation and solidarity: Two key values ​​for educating children well

In contrast to the safety discourse we hear a lot in Mayotte, the ideas of the parents participating in the workshop are in favor of more cooperation and solidarity. “It’s not normal for gendarme to greet our kids when they leave school.”We especially hear from some parents that they are visibly upset by this situation.

Similarly, many have expressed shock at the frequent use of the term “Resigning parents”. “Most are very committed, they understand their responsibilities, but feel overwhelmed by the behavior of their children.”Emphasized by Archimedes Saeed Ravoy. “So they need to support their organizations. We must take charge of town halls to build meeting places, leisure centers. “He gave as a proposed solution.

Extreme uncertainty and frequent escorts across parental boundaries are also an explanation for the parents’ role in Mayotte. Faced with this situation, many of them are calling for co-construction and campaigns to include parents in informal neighborhoods in their thinking. “If they are chased by PAF (Border Police) to the nursery school, how will they educate their children properly? ASurprised Archimedes Saeed Ravoy who believes that in contrast it is necessary “Go to these parents because chasing them in this way puts their children at risk of becoming criminals.”.

Obviously there is also the problem of losing cultural references. Navigating between the education of Mahoran Muslim parents based on the principles of secularism and a school education from France, children often have trouble finding their way. Sometimes the opposite values ​​are given to them and a “Conflict of Authority” May be born. To avoid this, educator Philip Mario suggested that there should be an active collaboration between the various educators of the child.

“Solutions must come from solidarity and mutual respect between these different educational institutions. “Communalism only creates conflict.”, What he has announced. It is true that in the context of globalization, it is almost impossible for children not to be influenced by other cultures. In short, if parents want their children to continue to receive an education rooted in their core traditions, they must be exposed and blend in as harmoniously as possible with influences from elsewhere from which their children cannot escape.

Archimède Saïd Ravoay showed himself very optimistic at the end of this assignment. “It will take us another four years to better assess the problem and find a solution. But I’m sure that the problem of juvenile delinquency will eventually end on the island. “He concludes.

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