SpaceX has launched its space tourism program

Past Virgin Galactic, then Blue Origin, Space X’s turn to fly tourists into space. This time, during a mission called Inspiration 4 to stay in orbit around the Earth for 3 days.

The shooting window will open at 2:02 pm Paris time on the night of September 15-16, 2021. For 5 hours, a Falcon 9 rocket from Space X will have the opportunity to enter Earth orbit from the Florida launch pad 39A Cape Canaveral. Bound with resilience, the Crew Dragon Capsule returned four astronauts from the Crew-1 mission to Earth on May 2, 2021. Elon Musk’s company launcher will have to transport four astronauts this time around. The first passenger in this mission called Inspiration 4: Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4 Payments Company.

Each flight has its own millionaire

The billionaire, the businessman offered his three teammates space, without communicating the exact amount of an envelope that he had promised would not exceed 200 million. A generous gift from Hailey Arsenox, a staff member at St. Jude’s Pediatric Hospital in Memphis (Tennessee) and a survivor of bone cancer. He was the first person to wear a prosthesis – in the shape of a metal rod on his foot – to travel through space.

Christopher Sembrowski and Sean Proctor complete the quartet. The first was selected by a draw organized among the people who donated to St.-Jude Hospital. The second was chosen by Jared Isaacman’s company thanks to a competition reserved for users of paid marketing services. Finalizing the failed NASA astronaut recruitment process in 2009, Sian Proctor participated for four months on a Mars simulation mission through the Hi-SEAS program. All four were trained in the manner of professional astronauts, 5 months before their departure.

Impressions of Crew Dragon Capsules from Inspiration 4 Mission. Inspiration4

Higher than the International Space Station

Driven in an orbit to finish at an altitude of 575 km, the crew of the Inspiration 4 must exceed the height of the ISS, currently 430 km. To orbit the Earth, one of the 10 recent suborbital flights of Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos must be reached by a factor of 10. After three days in space, the automatic capsule, or can be launched from the ground, will land under a parachute off the coast of Florida.

Jared Isaacman poses inside the domed window of the capsule. Background photomontage added. Inspiration4

Astronauts qualified as “civilians” will orbit the tilt orbit at 51.6 with respect to the plane of the equator, allowing the ISS to maintain the same back-up approach as the mission at the orbital station. The crew will have the luxury of being able to think about our planet or space depending on the angle of the capsule with a huge window. First unveiled in computer-generated images, the adequate dome was finally photographed and then presented 1Of September In a terrestrial background connected by photomontage. Other images have not been released yet. Installed under the crew dragon’s nose, this circular porthole replaces the docking port of the capsule, which is useless for this mission. Elasticity will never be tested before in space in this configuration.

Brick-to-brake on board

In addition to enjoying the location, SpaceX has announced that the Inspiration 4 crew will take part in several science experiments. Hayley Arceneaux will significantly take blood samples from his teammates. Straps and sedatives are present on the board in case of behavioral crisis in one of them. Also, the Inspiration 4 mission will place lots of symbolic objects in space. Artwork, a limited edition of a song by rock band Kings of Leon, 30 kg hops for making beer once in the world, etc. As of September 9, 2021, these huge items have been auctioned off in the $ 128 million fund, the desired $ 200 million that Inspiration 4 has already raised for Saint-Jude Hospital.

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