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What is Smart City?

Smart City literally means “intelligent city”. The new concept, called “Urban Development”, aims to improve the quality of life of city dwellers by making the city more adaptable and efficient. And this, with the help of new technology-driven offers and services. It concerns many areas such as public infrastructure (buildings, street furniture, home automation, etc.); Networks (water, electricity, gas, telecom); Mobility (public transport, smart roads and cars, carpooling, so-called soft mobility – bikes, walking, etc.) but also service and administration.

This strategic reflection thus concerns a set of players in the region: communities that must be concerned first, but also large groups and SMEs, incubators and start-ups, researchers and educators. Of course, without forgetting the citizens, for the success of the various projects that need commitment.

Inclusion, data sharing, economics and innovation

So the implementation of an effective smart city depends on the collaboration, information and data exchange, innovation and civic action of the actors of the terrain. In an inclusive smart city, no one will be left behind and the goal is to enrich the quality of life of everyone by reducing their social, educational, gender, health or safety divisions. Participation is thus the key to good governance in a smart city.

In a dynamic smart city, administrations work in a departmentalized way, exchanging their data and sharing their projects to make services more efficient and user-centric, where scale creates economies. In an innovative smart city, the development of new services is encouraged and supported. In a sustainable smart city, energy, water and raw material savings are the focus of all projects for a successful energy transformation.

Hub Smart City has six areas of reflection

The Alps-Maritimes is a ‘smart territory’ with complex problems, Adele Tangui, director of business at Nice-Matin Group, explained. A section between the sea and the mountains where there is a network of interconnected cities at the center of which the Maralpins move daily. We are fortunate to have active actors in research, business and local authorities in the region The goal of Hub Smart City is to raise awareness among the citizens who are first concerned on a daily basis while highlighting their specific actions. The smart city is a challenge for the collective future that requires commitment from everyone to work. ”

As an actor in the local media and terrain, the Nice-Matin group has proposed to create this reflection by bringing together committed partners of the Alps-Maritimes. The six main areas of discussion will focus on the exchange: mobility (transportation, e-tourism, eco-mobility), governance (open information, administration), economy (industry and services, innovation), living standards (housing), security, health, etc.) , Environment (urban planning, renewable energy, wealth management, etc.), citizenship (sharing the economy and new lifestyles).

The Alps-Maritimes division is a major partner in Hub Smart City

Since 2018, the gradual deployment of fiber optics, raising public awareness about artificial intelligence and dematerialisation of services to the public have been among my priorities. Charles-Ange Genesi, president of the Alps-Maritimes division and partner at Hub Smart City, explained. In parallel, with local development of renewable energy, development of cycle paths, expansion of departmental natural parks and investment in tomorrow’s agriculture, we are taking firm steps to improve the quality of life of Maralpins. Through Hub Smart City Nice-Matin, we will be federating, exchanging and reflecting with all the regional actors to design the smart city of tomorrow. The perfect alliance for progress and environmental control

The first meeting of Hub Smart City will be held on 23rd June and the report of this exchange will be available in your newspaper and on nicematin.com If you are a committed player in this region and would like to participate in this strategic reflection and joint, it is not too late to contact us!

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