The woman marries her 25-year-old private millionaire and finds that he left her nothing after his death

When a woman marries a wealthy monk 25 years her senior, she becomes the talk of the town and the subject of countless speculations. But it wasn’t until her husband’s death that she realized she had lost more than one spouse.

While money is undoubtedly necessary to lead a luxurious life, it does not always guarantee happiness. Some of the most precious moments of our experience have little or nothing to do with meaning.

Sometimes disagreements over money can lead to family quarrels, separation of loved ones, and grief and heartache. A millionaire had a similar experience when he decided to live a life that did not depend on his money. But not everyone thinks the same of his wife.

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A lucky Hermit and a glamorous city dweller

Sandrine DeWillard was a glamorous Parisian who ran four businesses in her country, including a real estate agency. The blonde-haired lady always wore impeccable attire, showing great class with her designer attire.

He was accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle, which suited his attractive personality. Marcel Amfox, meanwhile, was a lonely-toothed, landowner and bizarre farmer who lived in the French Alpine village of Pui-Saint-Pierre.

Although he owns five alpine shepherds’ huts on valuable land, Amfocus prefers solitude on the slopes near Pui-Saint-Pierre, near the large ski resort of Serre-Chevalier in southeastern France. A French newspaper reported that he lived like a bear.

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She made him an offer

The main location of Amfox’s property means that it is worth millions – a fact that Devillard knows best when he meets him and expresses a strong desire to buy his land. Turning into cottages, cabins can bring huge fortune.

But when Amphoux’s last will and testament was published in 2016, all changed, written on the back of an envelope.

Although the toothless monk owns the pavilion, he never thought about their financial possibilities. Even the people living there paid less. So, to Devillard’s annoyance, Amphoux refuses to sell the land.

An unexpected union

But the tempting Parisian is determined to change things, and she offers him a date. Surprisingly, the bizarre bachelor, who rides a bicycle and pretends to talk to outsiders, is overwhelmed by its beauty.

After a brief wedding, the shocking news shocked the whole village: an unexpected wedding. Although DeVillard reassured everyone that he loved Amfox with all his heart, none of his statements were credible enough for the villagers.

On a cold, sunny day in September 2011, Amphoux, 67, and Devillard, 42, became husband and wife and closed their union at the Pui-Saint-Pierre Municipal Hall, which had only 500 inhabitants and was surrounded by snow. Dhaka. The peak

The reaction of the villagers

Mrs. DeWillard wears a liquid purple silk dress and a bouquet of flowers Her designer jewelry complements her fancy outfit. Amfox wore a gray suit, mauve silk tie and waistcoat and a floppy, threadbare hat, her gray hair stuck to the side.

However, Alpine villagers gossip and harass throughout the wedding ceremony. Their enmity aimed directly at Devillard, who had no connection to this close town. Jack, a villager, said:

“People were laughing and laughing. They all knew Marcel well and thought Sandrin only wanted her property and her money.”

A declaration of love

Many suspect that the blonde real estate agent manipulates the perverted landlord and only blames his fate. The couple had planned a honeymoon in Paris, but reportedly returned home alone after being accused of hating the city.

The newlyweds remained in contact, but their marriage was disputed. However, Devillard devised a perfect plan to prove his love for Amfox and to silence the speculators.

In April 2012, he released a clip where he performed a song called “L’appel du soleil”. We see Devillard dressed in his bright white attire like blonde Julie Andrews in the alpine meadows.

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People who talk less

Amphox would appear from behind after a hood at the last moment of the video when DeVillard and he were kissing. The clip shows the transformation of a glamorous Parisian from a city woman to a country housewife. At the time, DeVillard revealed:

“Marcel is a medieval man, even from prehistoric times. I’m a real Parisian. I’m still there. But I see my husband as often as I can.”

But Amfox, who was silent throughout the clip and even otherwise, spoke to a local newspaper in June 2012 about her marriage and her relationship with Devillard. He admitted that he had not heard from his wife for some time.

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Terrible accident

The rich farmer added:

“I’m afraid of losing everything.”

In November 2012, Amfox was involved in a tragic road accident where his car fell into a ravine in dense fog and he died of his injuries. The driver and another passenger, two of DeVillard’s friends, survived.

Marcel (in a black hood) and Sandrin (in a white dress) posed together for the music video for Sandrin. | Source:

Another drama

The driver was later acquitted of the murder charge. The whole village, about 500 people, came to attend the funeral of the “monk of the Alps.” The widow of the deceased, her 25-year-old junior was also present at the glorious occasion.

DeVillard wore a black robe to the funeral and is said to have buried herself in Amfax to prove her love for her late husband. However, residents of the area continue to insult Parisians. Jack remembers:

“People were mad at Sandrin, they kept saying it.”

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That desire changes everything

Under French law, DeVillard was deemed to be entitled to her husband’s huge fortune. But when Amphoux’s last will and testament was published in 2016, all changed, written on the back of an envelope.

He made it clear in his will that he wanted to give his money to his cousin and the cabins to the current tenants. It seems that the rich monk was not stupid at all, since he did not keep a penny for his young and beautiful wife.

DeVillard, angry, disputed the will and confirmed that it was not written by Amfox. He also claimed to have been a victim of breach of trust, extortion and fraud by the new heirs.

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However, prosecutor Rafael Balland said handwriting experts had confirmed that Amfox had written the will. DeVillard’s allegations are therefore dismissed.

We can learn many life lessons from the story of this rich monk and his charming young wife. Amphoux, like a true gentleman, places little importance on money and precious relationships, family and love.

However, Devillard has been accused of cheating on her husband and has even been accused of conspiracy and conspiracy against her. Until the end, he failed to win a place in the hearts of Alpine villagers. What do you remember from this story? Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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