Two years after the birth of his child, a man asks his wife for a divorce, takes away all their money, and disappears.

Upon returning from work, the man informs his wife that he is going to divorce her. He left without a trace, and he continued to search for her. However, several months later, he found out about the incredible things he had done behind his back.

What if your spouse comes to you without warning and tells you that he or she wants a divorce? On Reddit, a mother was upset when her husband told her this. The reason, which he later revealed, makes readers mad at the “legal advice” subredit.

Redditor longigling2020, Living in Wisconsin, was upset, and before she could process the truth, her husband emptied their bank account and closed her credit card. The poor mother of a baby girl thought the internet would be her last resort and shared her story online.

One evening, after returning from work, OP’s husband announced to her that he was going to divorce her. | Source: pixels

The author of the article says that she was not too surprised when her husband asked her to divorce him, as their marriage had already stalled since the birth of their daughter. But what shocked him was that it happened without notice.

She focused on finding her husband and revealing some amazing things about him.

She has been at home ever since the OP welcomed her daughter a few years ago. During this time, she has just seen her husband communicate with the baby. The day he found out that they would have a daughter and not a boy as he wished, he became angry and frustrated.

So after the OP welcomed their baby, her husband increased the distance, and the straw that broke the camel’s back came two years later, when he came home from work screaming for divorce. Worse, the man’s words of separation destroyed OP in an unimaginable way.

The OP tried to talk to her husband, and when he packed his things, he said, “Good luck with the mortgage and the bill. I took my money from our bank account and deactivated your card to my credit.”

OP checked her account balance online and found that her husband had emptied it, leaving her with only $ 5. | Source: Unsplash

Mom was stunned, though she had hoped something like this would happen. But she was surprised that he cheated on her financially.

He decided to seek legal help and immediately logged into their online bank account. But the moment he logged in, the OP was shocked to find that he had already dropped their account, leaving only $ 5.

The woman realized that she could not afford a lawyer, so she sought help on the Internet to find resources for a free lawyer. She wanted to try to persuade her husband to pay the bills and food until she could take care of the child and find a job.

“I understand it’s all ‘his’ money, but we’re married and have a baby. I don’t understand how he can leave us anything overnight,” she said.

Most voted commenters on the post, mmmmpisghettiEncourages the OP to continue the fight and assures him that he will be fine as long as he goes through the legal process.

“Go ahead, keep all your contacts with him via text or email … Imagine the text being read in court. Imagine the recording being read before a judge,” the person declared.

OP has turned to the internet to find a lawyer. | Source: pixels

Meanwhile, OP’s condition deteriorated over time. She was struggling to find the things she needed for herself and her child. That’s when she decided to feed her baby.

OP sells her wedding ring and uses the money to buy food and diapers. She prioritized her search for legal aid to get financial help from her husband. She desperately needed it until she got permission from the state to take care of the child and get a job.

The OP has decided to file for divorce before her husband, forcing her to pay her bills, alimony and other necessities.

So he found a lawyer. He provided his bank statement and other documents and proceeded to file his claim.

However, things took a different turn when two people from Child Protective Services (CPS) appeared at his doorstep.

The OP sold his alliance to buy baby necessities and food. | Source: Unsplash

Officers have informed OP about the allegations against him, such as his inability to pay for basic needs such as child care and food and diapers.

The OP suspected her husband of reporting and showed them her lawyer’s legal documents. It therefore persuaded CPS personnel to withdraw the complaint and move away.

But OP has doubts and knows they will come back to check the truth. She then decides to focus on finding her husband and in this sense, she discovers amazing details about him.

The man appears to have quit his job and unlinked his card from the bill He tried to convert his dematerialized invoices into paper invoices, but when he was not allowed to convert all his dematerialized invoices, he decided to cancel his credit card as well as OP’s credit cards.

Netizens have encouraged OP to continue fighting. | Source: pixels

Although the OP has gone through her legal process, her efforts have failed because her husband cannot be found. Still, the court date for the divorce is set soon, so she thinks things will get worse if her husband doesn’t show up.

After reading his story, people took pity on OP and encouraged him to continue fighting. Some have shared their views to help OP move forward.

“This behavior is morally irresistible, let alone in family court,” Redditter said. Retro_baba.

As the discussion heats up, something, like the user catdaddy230, Predict that OP’s husband will not be spared the consequences of leaving his family. “Of course he doesn’t want custody, but they’re going to give him child support and possibly spousal support and he can’t hide forever,” Redditter added:

“Unless she is willing to change her name and her SSN (Social Security Number), they will find her, and they will find her even if she changes everything.”

Some netizens feel that OP’s husband does not want their child in custody. | Source: Unsplash

After a tough two months, OP is back with an update, but it’s partly enjoyable and partly heartbreaking.

Her husband’s whereabouts are unknown, but it has been discovered that she declared her child taxable in order to obtain a tax credit.

Also, with a mortgage and a bill on his head, OP was finally able to enroll in the Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP). She found a job that allowed her to take care of the child in the medium term.

In her fight for justice and child support, OP plans a better future for her child. He reveals: “I try to avoid paying all the bills related to the house … to save enough so that I can find the smallest, cheapest apartment in our neighborhood and keep working.”

However, only time will tell how this mother has dealt with her problems and whether she has reunited with her husband before the court date.

OP continues to fight bravely to build a better future for his child. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to think about:

What would you do if your partner kept his or her distance from your child because of his or her gender?

OP says her husband has begun to distance himself from their child since it was said that they would have a daughter, not a son. Even if OP was ready for chaos in her marriage, do you think she could have taken a position and convinced her husband that the relationship is not based on sex? If you were an OP, how would you handle this situation?

If you were an OP, how would you handle your husband’s unexpected divorce? Will you fight for justice or will you move forward?

In the OP story, she says she was aware of the complexities of her marriage, especially when her husband was uninterested in their daughter. Even if the OP was ready for a tumultuous separation from her husband, what would you do if you were the OP? Will you fight with your husband in court, or will you try to do something with your child thinking about his future?

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