Automation and Artificial Intelligence are Strategic Keys to Effective Defense Against the Growing Threat in the Digital World

Turin, Italy, May 30, 2022– (Business Wire) —- Today, cyber security is a top priority in the implementation of new technologies, if only to play an important role in our personal and professional lives. Smart Home, Connected Car, Delivery Robot: This evolution will not stop and at the same time it will be necessary, Develop automated solutions based on AI To thwart the growing number of security threats. The risks posed by these attacks are responsible for a variety of factors, including increasingly complex and widespread digital networks and high sensitivity to data privacy issues. These are the exact themes that emerge from the new research. ” Cyber ​​security automation (Cybersecurity Automation) North led, market evaluation and forecasting their growth using proprietary SONAR platform and support provided by PAC (Technology Group).

In particular, the survey estimates the key trends in the security system automation market, supported by the analysis of several industry studies, including testimonials from Ripley’s own customers. The data compares two distinct groups of countries: the “Europe-5” group (Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium) and the “Big-5” group (United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, India), with new AI solutions. Understand how the changing cybersecurity adapts to the landscape.

Cyber ​​attacks such as hacking, phishing, ransomware and malware have become more frequent and sophisticated, resulting in trillions of dollars in loss of both business profits and reputation. Moreover, these technologies need to be applied at all levels Security, from software to infrastructure and from devices to cloud computing.

A large portion of the সাই 300 billion that the global cybersecurity market will invest over the next five years will be devoted to automating security systems to improve threat detection and response time in four different areas: Application Security, Endpoint Security, Data Security and Protection and Internet of Things Security.

Application security. The developers, who pioneered the concept of “protection by design”, an adaptive approach to technology design protection, are now advocating closer collaboration with the operation and security teams known as “DevSecOps”. This more recent model favors the integration of security mechanisms throughout the application development cycle. Automated testing at each stage is crucial for reducing the number of vulnerabilities in an application, and many testing and analysis tools are integrating more AI to increase their accuracy or capability. Investments in application security automation in the Europe-5 market are expected to witness unprecedented growth, reaching almost seven times their current value. € 669 million By 2026. Similar growth is expected for the Big-5 market, with investment reaching 3.5 billion euros.

End point security. Endpoints called desktops, laptops, smartphones and servers are sensitive elements and therefore, if not properly protected, are potential access sources for cyber attacks. In recent years, the average number of enterprise endpoints has increased dramatically. So companies are interested in identifying and adopting effective and comprehensive security equipment. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) and enhanced detection and response (XDR) Two tools have been developed to speed up the response time to emerging security threats, delivering software capable of handling monotonous and repetitive tasks more efficiently. Investment in these instruments is expected to grow in the coming years in both Europe-5 and Big-5 markets, respectively. 757 million euros and 3.65 billion euros. There are also many other tools and systems dedicated to event management that can be integrated at the enterprise level. For example, when it comes to security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions, AI can be introduced in critical areas, such as threat management or incident response.

Security and data protection. Data security threats, also referred to as Data breach, Can cause considerable damage to the business, resulting in risky legal complications or damage to the brand’s reputation. Proper storage and adequate storage of data are increasingly important challenges. Security Threats Countless: They can come from data mismanagement, cyber attacks, malicious employees or even inexperienced users. Artificial intelligence is a tool that can simplify these data protection mechanisms, from discovery to remedy, including classification. Security automation is expected to reduce the cost of data breaches by playing an important role in various phases of cyber attacks, including data loss prevention tools, encryption and tokenization. To better protect their systems and the privacy of their data, Europe-5 Group of Companies should invest. 915 million euros In data security automation by 2026. In the meantime, the price is expected to quadruple to reach the Big-5 market 4 4.4 billion By 2026.

Things Security Internet. The interconnected nature of the IoT makes any device on a network a potential vulnerability, so the slightest vulnerability may be enough to cripple an entire infrastructure. By 2026, it is estimated that there will be 80 billion IoT devices in the world. The full range of capabilities offered by IoT devices for different industries, be it smart factory, smart logistics or smart speakers, prevents IoT from creating one-size-fits-all cyber security solutions. And, as IoT networks move from healthcare to automation, the risks simply multiply. IoT security has therefore created one of the most difficult challenges to overcome: the boundaries between information technology and operational technology must be blurred in order to reveal the full commercial value of IoT. It is estimated that by 2026, IoT security will exceed the threshold of the automation market. Billion euros In Europe-5. In the Big 5 market, The investment should reach a staggering 4.6 billion euros.

Filippo Regente, CTO of Reply, commented on the study: Every day, cyber attacks hit public and private services, administration and the health system, causing considerable damage and costs. So it is more important than ever to rethink security strategies and reach new levels of maturity through automation, remembering that if artificial intelligence does increase the threat of hacking, it will take advantage of the AI ​​opportunities we can prevent and counter cyber attacks. A

The full study can be downloaded here. The new research is part of the Reply Market Research Series, which includes reports from “Cloud to Edge”, “Industrial IoT: A Reality Verification” and “Hybrid Work”.

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