Eden AI raised 1.5 million euros to integrate the AI ​​/ ML API

Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence services, especially when it comes to automating internal processes or improving their customer experience. The strong development of AI has now made it convenient. These functions can be found in different fields: health, human resources, industry, etc.

These AI technologies come in a variety of forms:

  • Image processing : Object Detection, Facial Recognition, Text Extraction etc.
  • Text analysis : Keyword extraction, emotion analysis, etc.
  • Automatic translation : Customer Relationship, Document Translation, etc.
  • Audio transcription : Analysis of telephone calls, video subtitles etc.
  • Prophecy : Sales forecasting, production optimization, etc.

Cloud market behemoths (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud) offer solutions that allow access to these types of services, but you may find smaller suppliers who are already competing with them: Mindee, Dataleon, Deepgram, AssemblyAI, Rev. AI, Speechmatics, Letria, etc. Because of their specialization, they often manage to offer very effective solutions.

In the AI ​​sector, therefore, there are many different providers who offer a wide variety of solutions. As a result, choosing the right solution for your needs is difficult, since performance depends on user data. Using Google Cloud to transcribe audio text will not necessarily be the same as using AssemblyAI. In fact, depending on the language used, one provider may produce a better copy in Spanish than the other.

To be sure, here are some more in-depth analyzes that demonstrate the differences in performance of different providers, including strong data examples: vision, OCR, prediction, object detection, audio-to-text transcription, and facial recognition. An AI comparator provides quick access to public benchmarks among suppliers and is based on public data: compare.edenai.run.

To overcome the complexities of this market, Eden AI is developing an API that allows users to access the AI ​​engines of their choice. The company integrates these engines and provides a single entry point for comparison, testing and use. Offering different levels of performance, pricing and response quality based on processed data, Eden AI thanks to its unique and multi-vendor approach.

The company’s goal is to democratize the use of AI to make it easier for all developers to access. To achieve this commitment, Eden AI focuses on three key areas:

  1. The company positions itself as a consolidating operator: it offers the possibility to use several engines at the same time, as well as to replace them and assemble them with maximum simplicity. Eden AI takes care of cost centralization to save users time.

2. It also develops the “Genius” feature: an automated and dynamic recommendation based on each user’s data. Eden AI redirects to the best solutions and engines suitable for the user.

3. Finally, the user needs to combine several AI engines for different uses. The “Pipeline” tool makes it possible to create a direct data processing flow so that AI solutions can be instantly integrated with each other.

To implement his project, Eden AI recently raised 1.5 million euros during a fundraising round supported by Paris Accelerator 50 partners, but also by famous business angels: Olivia Pomel (Datadog), Nicolas Designe (Algolia), Sebastian Pahel (Docker), Jul. (Algolia), Benjamin Fabre (Datadom), Laurent Letormey (Isans), Jean-Baptist Aviet (Screen), Georges Gomes (Div Wright) and Thomas Grange (Botify):

Eden AI is therefore evolving into a growing market with the ambition to make AI accessible to all developers. To do this, the company wants to expand its team with talented employers: edenai.co/careers.

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