Education assistants in the dark at the end of the contract

The so-called AEDs in National Education are the supervisors who supervise the students. The necessary links in the management of the organization, some of them, at the end of the contract, are still in uncertainty because a law of tenure has not yet been implemented.

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Until then, the one-year contract of education assistants is renewable 5 times. They are thanked at the end of the 6th year.

But in a law passed last March against school harassment, Article 10 provides that AEDs can be expired after 6 years of contractBecause they often identify the situation of harassment and the stability of the team is essential.

However, the implementing decree has not yet been published. These workers do not know if they will be able to continue their mission. Organizations also don’t know if they can keep them or if they need to hire another assistant. At the end of the school year, the situation is volatile.

A decree has been suspended several times

The publication of the decree was postponed several times, until the end of May, then at the beginning of June, due to the formation of the government which took time. “, Explained Lawrence Hopp, Chief Education Adviser at the Strasbourg Academy, National Representative of the School Life Staff of the She-Unsa Union, and the CPE itself. “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There, it’s a really urgent reasonCurrently in school life, we are renewing contracts and new recruits, It is now that we organize school life in institutions so that the beginning of the school year can be in a clean way. These employees need to know if they will be able to continue working or if they already have to try to find another job.

This is the case of Caroline, a college education assistant in Elle-et-Villain. His contract expires on August 31. “I’m stressed because I don’t know what I’m going to do on September 1st. I can’t see myself going back to Pôle Emploi, I can’t see myself doing anything else because it’s a job we do with passion. We have experience when colleges and high schools are struggling to recruit teaching assistants, we know families, we know students, we trustThe 42-year-old woman has four children. Of the 6 AED positions in his college, he and a colleague are in their 6th year and the third is in his 5th year. You have to leave the college with a new team which will not be formed at all“She is OK.

Only 30% of education assistants are students

We are constantly forced to renew our team in school life“She recognized Un-Lawrence Hopp,”While some people who are hired as educational assistants are qualified staff, who have experience and who allow a certain stability in the team. These are people who want to make a career out of it, which was not planned in the beginning because usually it was a ‘profession’ aimed at students. But the profile has changed. We don’t have more students now: Today it’s about 30% of the education support population. The rest are people who want to continue this profession. Especially in rural areas, for many mothers, this is a job that is practical and allows them to adjust their family life and professional life. On average, education assistants are in their thirties today, they are no longer 20-year-old students who do this to pay for their studies.

Audre, AED confirmed to Grenoble:These are no longer the jobs of students in my institution, we are all mothers! In big cities, yes, there are actually students who come to work as AEDs, but in smaller colleges like ours, we are older, we have a family and we are looking for a permanent situation.

You still need a certain maturity to do this.“Hellois, 31, of Clermont-Ferrand, added.”Principals need staff who are there regularly, full time. I would love to continue I really like being a supervisor, we have a special relationship with the students, I feel useful. We are somewhat like ants who do things that we do not see at first glance but are necessary for the proper functioning of college life. Students, I know them well, we remember what happened in previous years, the problems they may face, whether at school or on a personal level. Over the years, we have found a tendency to simplify our position, we know how to handle a crisis situation. It is the 5th and 6th year that the person starts to feel comfortable and can know exactly how to respond.

“Feelings of abandonment”

Hellois set up a literary club to inspire young people to write, She takes care of “homework done”, a homework support system for students with disabilities. When education assistants spend several years in an institution, they often invest more, such as Isabel, 55, AED for 6 years at a vocational high school in Montreux, in the Paris region. He takes special care of the new students, he goes with them in their steps. “I’m so sorry to hear that.“, He laments.

I have been told in my organization that they want to keep me but everything will depend on this famous decree, Emmanuel says the supervisor to Annecy. We wait, we can do nothing and then at the end of the year we find ourselves stuck in the water. Students keep asking me, ‘Will you stay, stay?’ And I can’t answer them, we know nothing. I love my work, I find it really unfortunate! I don’t want to look for anything else because that’s what I want to do so I really hope this decree comes out so I can continue.

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