Elon Musk is the youngest billionaire in the world

Not before. At just 25 years old, Alexander Wang is the youngest new billionaire in the world. In the world of technology, we have never heard of it. Since 2016 and at the age of 19, the young mathematician has been spotted by Silicon Valley and the famous Incubator Y Combinator for his startup scale AI. In six years, it has grown from 3 to 600 employees, with revenue reaching 100 million and a weight of 3 7.3 billion.

Alexander Wang has made his startup scale AIK one of the most important artificial intelligence companies in Silicon Valley. 15% according to share ownership Forbes, His fortune has reached only one billion dollars. But the most important thing for its global reputation is: its incredible customer portfolio. And for good reason: Alexander Wang, like General Motors, Airbnb, Samsung, Pinterest, and about 300 other companies, has made the US Air Force his client.

Scale AI’s client portfolio is impressive ্ Scale AI

A monster in the shadows

Scale AI took just 3 years to become a unicorn. But how did the startup manage to make its mark so quickly? Simply put, it has created and procured all the tools needed to offer companies artificial intelligence solutions. And some like it advanced, especially in terms of quality data and their analysis.

“Our engineers were quick to appreciate its solutions, so we asked Scale to increase data throughput 10 times a week and the company was able to support additional throughput.”Can we read a testimony from a product director at the Toyota Research Institute who works on the future of mobility for manufacturers?

Wide, very wide, scale quickly understand this. Its portfolio of more than 300 clients includes both the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. military, platforms like Airbnb, manufacturers like General Motors, and fintechs like PayPal and Square. The scale also works for OpenAI, which collaborates with a number of startups to create artificial intelligence in areas such as health, education and ecology.

Listing the major weaknesses of competing AI companies, Alexander Wang said in an interview that Big Tech (Facebook, Google) who created their own AI and a soft underbelly existed among smaller companies who must use different categories and those who do not. . They have the skills to be in charge of the connection.

Scale AI

Scale AI

“What we do on a scale is bring in the deep AI skills that these big tech companies have built and make it accessible to everyone else in the community.”Says Alexander Wang. For the U.S. military, Forbes Specifies that the scale makes it possible to analyze the damage caused by the Russian bomb in Ukraine, especially faster than a human being.

Alexander Wang vs. Elon Musk

Before launching Scale AI at the age of 19, Alexander Wang had another professional experience. Lucy Guer went to the meeting with whom she co-founded Scale AI and worked for the young billionaire Quora. At the age of 16, thanks to a competition for computer developers, he landed a full-time job coding on a huge forum platform.

Meanwhile, the young billionaire has returned to school to polish his skills in machine learning. He then chose MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, before presenting Scale’s opportunities to him. Per ForbesHe describes the moment with an anecdote: “I told my parents it would be a project that would keep me busy only for the summer. […] “Obviously, I never went back to school.”.

Elon Musk had a better eye, the role model of Alexander Wang, who was quoted in a recent tweet. The richest man on the planet began to make his fortune in 2002, when his company X.com, now PayPal, was acquired by eBay. Elon Musk was then in his twenties. In 2012, according to a ranking ForbesHe has reached a fortune of 2 2 billion.

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